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Another typical day in Odyssey?! The sun is shining... Curt Stevens is elected mayor... Lucy is uncovering scandalous behavior at a local shampoo company... and a Hollywood film crew is shooting a movie about the town, but, they‘re not quite getting the facts straight. Just another fine day here in the town of Odyssey! But it‘s always a great day when the kids learn lessons like the importance of trusting God, the meaning of sacrifice and the consequences of carelessness.


  • #143: Muckraker
    Lucy decides to write an investigative journalism article about the shampoo from the Calvin Bloom Company and gets in over her head.
  • #147: Where There's a Will...
    When George gets a job offer in Washington, D.C., the entire Barclay family tries to help him figure out God's will.
  • #149: By Dawn's Early Light
    Curt and Lucy take an amazing trip in the Imagination Station back to the year 1812. They witness the British General Ross's tragic capture and torching of Washington, D.C., the British Admiral Cockburn's epic bombardment of Fort McHenry, and the composition of our national anthem by a young lawyer named Francis Scott Key.
  • #150: Home Is Where the Hurt Is
    Curt orders the teacher's edition of one of his textbooks so he can get all the answers for a class. But things get complicated when his father finds out about it... and isn't in the best of moods.
  • #151: ... The Last Shall Be First
    The kids of Odyssey clean out the Little Theatre at Whit's End, while Connie tries to convince her Great Uncle Joe to return to church.
  • #152: The Meaning of Sacrifice
    The Barclays decide to listen to their pastor and sacrifice something they love to do... watch television! But it turns out to be a lot more difficult than anyone expected.
  • #153: Mayor For a Day
    Curt Stevens gets to be mayor of Odyssey for one day, and finds there is a lot more to government than just meeting celebrities and calling the president.
  • #154: Coming of Age
    Jimmy Barclay begins his journey of adolescence, while confronting his changing voice and his first crush.
  • #158: A Day in the Life
    A movie crew comes to Odyssey to film a movie about Whit's End! But the Odyssey gang soon learns that Hollywood isn't interested in the facts.
  • #160: A Rathbone of Contention
    Rodney Rathbone and his father, Bart, try to cause problems for Whit and Whit's End when they open up a new store called "The Electric Palace."
  • #165: Bernard & Esther (Part 1)
    Bernard tells the story of Esther to Melanie Jacobs and Robyn Jacobs
  • #166: Bernard & Esther (Part 2)
    Bernard tells the story of Esther to Melanie Jacobs and Robyn Jacobs