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A "typical" day in Odyssey? Since when?! Imagine a real live knight showing up at Whit's End. Or Rodney Rathbone fronting a rock band - or Eugene banging the gavel as a court judge. It does stagger the imagination. But remember, the setting is Odyssey - the town where anything that can happen, usually does! Join Whit and the kids as they learn valuable lessons about honesty, purity, loyalty and other attribute.


  • #167: Dobson Comes to Town
    Dr. James Dobson comes to Odyssey! Whit and him talk about the upcoming video series and Dr. Dobson gives some advice to Melanie Jacobs.
  • #179: You Gotta Be Wise
    When Rodney Rathbone and the Bones start a band, parents in Odyssey are livid about the lyrics of his songs.
  • #180: Issac the Pure
    Isaac Morton is on a quest to be pure.. but to do so requires him to remove everything in his life that he feels makes him unpure.
  • #181: It Takes Integrity
    After seeing that Curt is running unopposed in a student council campaign, Lucy decides to run a campaign based on integrity.
  • #182: The Scales of Justice
    The gang at Whit's End holds court to determine whether or not the money Isaac found in the woods is truly Rodney Rathbone's.
  • #183: Tales of Moderation
    Three tales of moderation help Connie understand why it's best not to have or want too many "things" in your life. It's a light-hearted look at the folly of materialism!
  • #184: Issac the Chivalrous
    When Isaac steps out of the Imagination Station, Sir William of Marshall follows him! Isaac shows the knight around town, while Whit and Eugene try to figure out how to send Sir William back.
  • #185: A Question of Loyalty
    Lucy helps a new girl make a few friends and in the process discovers Emily's talent for writing. But when Emily lets her popularity go to her head, she forgets about Lucy.
  • #186: The Conscientious Cross-Guard
    Bernard Walton recalls his Middle School days when he was a school crossing guard - and the trouble he had facing up to several bullies who refused to obey the rules. Join Bernard for this humorous look at the importance of conscientiousness!
  • #187: An Act of Nobility
    Whit tells the story of an American in the small country of Muldavia who took the place of the prince for a few days.
  • #188: The Courage to Stand
    Robyn must decide between lying to her parents and going to a party that isn't chaperoned by adults. Robyn soon realizes the value of true courage.
  • #189: No, Honestly!
    Rodney has a hard time getting everyone to believe him when he knows about a plot to rob Odyssey families.
  • #192: Modesty is the Best Policy
    George disagrees with Donna's choice of clothing, thinking it is too immodest.