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Wonder what'll happen next? Dr. Regis Blackgaard's twin brother, Edwin, moves to Odyssey! But instead of following in his evil brother's footsteps he opens... a dinner theater? A flash flood threatens the lives of Eugene, Whit, Bernard and Tom; while elsewhere, Jimmy and Lawrence battle a monster named Gorgonzola! The adventures all start in Odyssey - a place of wonder where kids learn to discern the truth.


  • #199: The 'No' Factor
    Connie learns the importance of time-management skills when she takes on more work than she can handle.
  • #201: Fair-Weather Friends
    Isaac starts selling fans door-to-door during a heatwave in Odyssey - and learns a hard lesson about choosing friends and making money.
  • #203: Double Trouble
    Something's odd in the town of Odyssey. Dr. Regis Blackgaard has returned, but he doesn't seem to recognize anyone or anything!
  • #204: Wonderworld
    Jimmy Barclay begins taking himself a little too seriously as he grows up, deciding that he's too old for Whit's End, until his sister, Donna, blackmails him into babysitting hyperactive, imaginative Lawrence Hodges. Jimmy learns that you are never too old to have an imagination.
  • #205: Flash Flood
    Whit, Tom, Bernard and Eugene head to the great outdoors for a relaxing camping trip - and wind up caught in a flash flood! Will their outing be a wash?
  • #206: Pen Pal
    Melanie's pen pal Jenny is coming to Odyssey. But Melanie is in for a surprise when she discovers Jenny is blind!
  • #207: The Case of the Candid Camera
    Rodney Rathbone's camera has been stolen at Whit's End and he hires Harlow Doyle to try and find the dirty culprit.
  • #208: Pipe Dreams
    Charles has to spend "Campbell County Government Day" in the sewage department.
  • #210: On Solid Ground
    A KYDS Radio OT Action News broadcast about Abraham and Lot.
  • #215: Caroling, Caroling
    Sing along with your favorite songs! Whit, Connie and others go caroling around the town of Odyssey, bringing season's greetings and good cheer to special friends. It's a musical delight for the whole family, with both traditional and new songs that'll warm your heart.
  • #217: Rights, Wrongs & Reasons
    Connie, Whit, and Jenny play a game where you have to decide the rightness of actions and the reasons behind them.
  • #218: A Class Act
    To earn some money, Edwin Blackgaard agrees to teach an acting class. Unfortunately for him, the class is awful and he must decide between his integrity or his money.
  • #223: Real Time
    There's a bomb planted in the basement of an elevator shaft... but Whit and Bryan Dern are trapped in the elevator!