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As the snow falls in Odyssey, it‘s the season for some unpredictable visits. Whit‘s grandchildren stop in for an anything-but-pleasant holiday. Meanwhile, the Barclays are visited by some unforgettable Christmas guests and everyone in Odyssey learns some tough lessons about friends, bravery and a whole lot more.


  • #86: Issac the Insecure
    Do you ever feel like no one likes you and that you don't really matter? That's the way Isaac Morton feels too - until he discovers a secret that changes his outlook on life.
  • #95: The Very Best of Friends
    Donna Barclay starts acting really strange for no reason, and it's up to Whit to find out what's bothering her.
  • #96: The Reluctant Rival
    Whit's granddaughter comes to visit and finds that her musical ability causes some unexpected trouble.
  • #97: Monty's Christmas
    Whit, his daughter and grandchildren try to get into the holiday spirit - and uncover some dark feelings in the process.
  • #98: The Visitors
    The holidays are a great time to have guests in your home - if they're expected! The Barclay family's Christmas is disrupted by the arrival of THREE, UNexpected and very mysterious guests. Who are they, and what do they REALLY want?
  • #99: The Barclay Ski Vacation
    Nothing like a ski trip in the mountains - or is there? The Barclay family's wonderful ski vacation is disrupted when Donna and her father both learn a painful lesson about growing up. Will the family survive the moguls - or is it all downhill from here?
  • #100: Ice Fishing
    When Monty feels like he's in competition with his gifted sister - Whit, Tom Riley, and Eugene take him on a wacky and unforgettable ice-fishing trip.
  • #101: Scattered Seeds
    Connie wants to write a good story about something that's happened to her, so Whit recalls a recent incident concerning a play, several cast members and one of Christ's best-known parables.
  • #103: Front Page News
    Curt and Oscar try to get out of gym class by joining the school newspaper - and the press may never be the same! It's a case of yellow journalism!
  • #104: Lincoln (Part 1)
    Jimmy Barclay meets our nation's greatest President with the help of the Imagination Station - and tries to change history in the process!
  • #105: Lincoln (Part 2)
    Jimmy Barclay meets our nation's greatest President with the help of the Imagination Station - and tries to change history in the process!
  • #108: Issac The Courageous
    Isaac Morton wants to start hanging around with the wrong crowd and soon learns an important lesson about what it means to have REAL courage.
  • #128: One Bad Apple
    With the help of Whit and Curt, Tom investigates what could be causing people to become sick from eating his apples.
  • #132: Thanksgiving at Home
    Get ready for a lively tribute to the power of God. Take a journey through time for a look at the lives of your favorite Bible characters. Although they faced some trying times, they learned how to rely on God.