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Expect the Unexpected! The town of Odyssey is abuzz. Is Curt rally giving everyone free ice cream? Who stole $100 from the Whit‘s End cash register? And forget all that... is Mr. Whittaker really getting married?!? The kids in Odyssey find the answers (and lessons on trust and friendship) in this exciting collection from Adventures in Odyssey.


  • #106: By Any Other Name
    Curt runs for student council and makes all sorts of impossible promises to get elected! Will he get away with it?
  • #107: Bad Luck
    Have you ever thought you were the victim of bad luck? Robyn starts to feel that way when several awful things happen to her.
  • #110: 'A'... Is For Attitude
    Connie starts thinking that the solution to all life's problems is to simply "believe in yourself" - and Whit has to step in to show her the folly of relying on nothing more than a positive attitude.
  • #111: First Love
    Connie comes face-to-face with a very difficult decision - and turns yet another corner in the process of growing up - when she falls in love for the first time.
  • #112: Curious, Isn't It?
    When Whit begins acting suspiciously, the gang at Whit's End discovers how crazy things can become when curiosity gets the better of common sense.
  • #113: Suspicious Minds
    Trouble results when some money mysteriously disappears from the cash register at Whit's End and Connie and Eugene set out to discover why!
  • #115: An Act of Mercy
    After Tom forgives Rodney for breaking a fence and stealing apples, Rodney does not pass on that forgiving spirit.
  • #120: Pranks For The Memories
    A practical joker is running loose in Odyssey looking to pull off the biggest prank yet.
  • #121: Missing Person
    Various Odyssey residents search for Rodney Rathbone after he disappears.
  • #122: Castles and Cauldrons (Part 1)
    Jimmy Barclay begins to play a role-playing game with his cousin and is drawn into the strange experiences and occurances associated with the game.
  • #123: Castles and Cauldrons (Part 2)
    Jimmy falls into a world of fantasy and magic, as he and his cousin Len battle the forces of evil. But does Jimmy realize what he's gotten himself into?
  • #124: The Winning Edge
    Bart Rathbone persuades Traci that winning at any cost is the only thing that matters.
  • #125: All's Well With Boswell
    Robyn Jacobs tries to "babysit" a cat named Boswell, but goes on all sorts of adventures when the cat escapes.
  • #138: The Adventure of the Adventure
    A look at the creation and production of Adventures in Odyssey.