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That‘s right! It‘s the 500th episode of Adventures in Odyssey. With this special edition, you‘ll join the gang for a fun, behind-the-scenes look at how Adventures in Odyssey all began. Celebrate the milestone with us. On this disk you‘ll find: (1) Exclusive interviews with Adventures in Odyssey actors, (2) Bloopers never before heard... until now, (3) 500 seconds of Adventures in Odyssey - a fun-filled, fast-paced tour of our first 499 shows, (4) The producers talk about the beginning and the heart of the show, (5) You be the producer! Use the music-mixer game to discover musical cues for real Adventures in Odyssey episodes (CD-ROM required for game, (6) Fun desktop wallpaper for your computer and much more!


  • #500: 500
    In baseball they stop play when a player gets his 500th hit. On Broadway, they have a party when a show has its 500th performance. Today's Adventures in Odyssey is episode 500. Relive some of the best moments. You'll hear from the producers of the show and even the actors.

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