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Have you ever been really, really scared? We all have, including Whit, Connie and the Odyssey gang. They learned how to overcome their worst fears - and so can you on these three previously aired exciting episodes: "Someone to Watch Over Me," "Real Time," and "Hidden in My Heart."


  • #144: Someone to Watch Over Me
    A man by the name of "Grim" is following Jimmy everywhere he goes! Nagle tried to help him out, but when Jimmy discovers he is not in the in the Imagination Station, he learns his future lies in the hands of God.
  • #223: Real Time
    There's a bomb planted in the basement of an elevator shaft... but Whit and Bryan Dern are trapped in the elevator!
  • #321: Hidden In My Heart
    Keep your Bible handy! KYDS Radio has some fun with three rather familiar TV shows involving everyone's favorite dog, space-travelers, and a rescue squad! It's a wacky look at the power of scripture teaching how helpful YOUR Bible can be in difficult situations!