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It's hard to be humble when other kids brag about themselves, isn't it? Well, here's a little secret: God delights in those who are humble. Just stop by Whit's End and let the gang show you how they keep their egos in check. Have fun! Contains 3 previously aired episodes: "Heatwave," "Over the Airwaves," and "Family Values."


  • #82: Heatwave
    Jack and Oscar learn a different way to beat the heat - and boredom - when they meet a new friend.
  • #141: Over the Airwaves
    KYDS Radio puts together a bunch of shows involving adaptations of parables that deal with living a good life.
  • #243: Family Values
    Rodney's fictional essay about family values soon leads to chaos! Do the Rathbones REALLY think they can win a contest as Odyssey's PERFECT family - or are they simply crazy?