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Sometimes you just feel like giving up - but that isn't always an option. The kids in Odyssey have a lot of experience with that, and these three episodes will help you stick with tough situations, too! Contains three previously aired episodes that have been digitally re-mastered: "Do or Diet," "Snow Day," and "By Dawn's Early Light."


  • #149: By Dawn's Early Light
    Curt and Lucy take an amazing trip in the Imagination Station back to the year 1812. They witness the British General Ross's tragic capture and torching of Washington, D.C., the British Admiral Cockburn's epic bombardment of Fort McHenry, and the composition of our national anthem by a young lawyer named Francis Scott Key.
  • #466: Snow Day
    Ah, snow days. An ideal time for relaxation and hot chocolate. Unless you're in Odyssey, of course! Alex is on a mission - to get a batch of his mom's world-famous cookies safely to Grandma's house! Unfortunately, Rodney Rathbone and the Bones of Rath are hot on his trail ... and won't give up until the cookies are theirs! Will Alex persevere?
  • #513: Do or Diet
    Wooton, Whit, and Bernard decide to go on a diet to help Connie win a scholarship. Will they survive?