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Here are four great episodes from Focus on the Family's radio drama series: (1) In "Someone to Watch Over Me", Jimmy goes on an unbelievable adventure with incredible Mr. Nagle (Theme: God's Protection). (2) In "Isaac the Courageous", a young lad facing peer pressure learns a valuable lesson about real courage (Theme: Courage). (3) In "The Ill-Gotten Deed", Calvin wants to get back at someone - until Whit tells him a remarkable tale of greed and revenge (Theme: Greed). (4) In "The Last Shall Be First", Whit has a labor dispute on his hands when he asks the kids to help out at Whit's End (Theme: Fairness).


  • #92: The Ill-Gotten Deed
    Did you ever want to get back at someone for something bad they did to you? Well, that's the way Calvin feels - until Whit tells him an incredible western tale about cheating and getting revenge.
  • #108: Issac The Courageous
    Isaac Morton wants to start hanging around with the wrong crowd and soon learns an important lesson about what it means to have REAL courage.
  • #144: Someone to Watch Over Me
    A man by the name of "Grim" is following Jimmy everywhere he goes! Nagle tried to help him out, but when Jimmy discovers he is not in the in the Imagination Station, he learns his future lies in the hands of God.
  • #151: ... The Last Shall Be First
    The kids of Odyssey clean out the Little Theatre at Whit's End, while Connie tries to convince her Great Uncle Joe to return to church.