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Here are four great episodes from Focus on the Family's radio drama series: (1) In "By Dawn's Early Light", Curt and Lucy witness one of the great moments in our nation's history (Theme: God's Providence). (2) In "The Prodigal, Jimmy", our young friend runs away from home - and discovers just what repentance is all about (Theme: Repentance). (3) In "Melanie's Diary", Robyn finds out about the pain of embarrassment when she reads her little sister's diary (Theme: Respecting Privacy). (4) In "The Barclay Ski Vacation", Donna learns a tough - but humorous - lesson about growing up (Theme: Family Relations).


  • #57: The Prodigal, Jimmy
    Jimmy Barclay decides he's had it with the rules around his house and runs away. But, when a couple of sneaky characters take all his money and he has to go back home, Jimmy discovers just what repentance - and forgiveness - are all about.
  • #99: The Barclay Ski Vacation
    Nothing like a ski trip in the mountains - or is there? The Barclay family's wonderful ski vacation is disrupted when Donna and her father both learn a painful lesson about growing up. Will the family survive the moguls - or is it all downhill from here?
  • #139: Melanie's Diary
    Melanie Jacobs finds revenge after her sister Robyn snoops in her diary.
  • #149: By Dawn's Early Light
    Curt and Lucy take an amazing trip in the Imagination Station back to the year 1812. They witness the British General Ross's tragic capture and torching of Washington, D.C., the British Admiral Cockburn's epic bombardment of Fort McHenry, and the composition of our national anthem by a young lawyer named Francis Scott Key.