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Good citizenship is more than just knowing the Pledge of Allegiance. For Erwin Springer, it's learning about the Revolutionary War - by finding himself in the middle of it. For Curt Stevens, it's experiencing the inner workings of government - by becoming the mayor of Odyssey! Through it all, kids learn what it means to be a patriotic American.


  • #33: The Day Independence Came
    Go back in time with Irwin Springer as he visits the Continental Army camp and meets George Washington. Irwin then travels to Philadelphia, where he meets the patriots, who are debating over whether to sign a document called the Declaration of Independence.
  • #63: A Good and Faithful Servant
    Jimmy and Donna Barclay learn an important lesson about being responsible with what God has given us when their parents decide to let them handle their own finances.
  • #153: Mayor For a Day
    Curt Stevens gets to be mayor of Odyssey for one day, and finds there is a lot more to government than just meeting celebrities and calling the president.