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Get ready to take a trip. Your destination? Odyssey! And with a little help from Whit and the gang, you're about to discover the problem with little white lies and why honesty is always the best policy. Plenty of fun is packed inside!


  • #12: The Tangled Web
    When Connie decides to go to a concert without telling her mother, Whit tells her the story about a young boy named Jeremy Forsythe who learns the hard way that one lie usually leads to another ... and another ... and another.
  • #106: By Any Other Name
    Curt runs for student council and makes all sorts of impossible promises to get elected! Will he get away with it?
  • #118: What Happened To The Silver Streak?
    Since she is from a "reform school", Michelle Terry is suspected when a train car winds up missing.
  • #127: Have You No Selpurcs?
    Curt and Lucy find out what "selpurcs" are by playing a game of Whit's design.
  • #189: No, Honestly!
    Rodney has a hard time getting everyone to believe him when he knows about a plot to rob Odyssey families.
  • #255: The Boy Who Cried 'Destructo!'
    Lawrence claims to have seen Harlow Doyle kidnapped by a band of bootleggers! Whit is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, despite his wild imagination, and find out what happened.