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Welcome to Odyssey - a small town filled with wonder, excitement, learning and fun! Each of the twelve spirited adventures stimulates the student's imaginations while helping them increase their abilities to listen and concentrate. Through enjoyable stories, children will develop positive characteristic qualities - values that will promote wise decision making for a lifetime. So... come along! Join the neighborhood kids at Whit's End, the funest ice cream and discovery emporium around for some wholesome entertainment packed with some solid lessons for children of all ages!


  • #39: The Case of the Secret Room (Part 1)
    The discovery of a secret room in Whit's End leads Mr. Whittaker to a 50-year-old case of robbery and foul play! Join Whit and the gang for this exciting "who-done-it."
  • #40: The Case of the Secret Room (Part 2)
    Mr. Whittaker discovers several clues that help him solve a 50-year-old robbery and the mystery of the secret room in the basement at Whit's End. Find out "who-done-it" - and learn about the folly of greed!
  • #79: Our Best Vacation Ever
    The Barclays take the best vacation they've ever had - without ever leaving Odyssey!
  • #82: Heatwave
    Jack and Oscar learn a different way to beat the heat - and boredom - when they meet a new friend.
  • #92: The Ill-Gotten Deed
    Did you ever want to get back at someone for something bad they did to you? Well, that's the way Calvin feels - until Whit tells him an incredible western tale about cheating and getting revenge.
  • #113: Suspicious Minds
    Trouble results when some money mysteriously disappears from the cash register at Whit's End and Connie and Eugene set out to discover why!
  • #117: The Trouble With Girls
    On Valentine's Day, Jimmy Barclay finds a note in his mailbox addressed to him from Jessie. She thinks he is "the cutest boy in the whole school"... unfortunately for her, Jimmy wants to get rid of her.
  • #126: Wishful Thinking
    After wishing her brother had never been born, Donna wakes up the next morning to discover she's received her wish!
  • #148: Issac the Procrastinator
    After Isaac lets some of his projects drag, Whit helps him get over his procrastination with an interesting method.
  • #149: By Dawn's Early Light
    Curt and Lucy take an amazing trip in the Imagination Station back to the year 1812. They witness the British General Ross's tragic capture and torching of Washington, D.C., the British Admiral Cockburn's epic bombardment of Fort McHenry, and the composition of our national anthem by a young lawyer named Francis Scott Key.
  • #170: A Test For Robyn
    Robyn Jacobs doesn't like to study. But, when a big test at school comes up she must make a difficult choice.
  • #195: Father's Day
    Connie's dad makes a surprise visit to town to tell her that he is married again.