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Seeking suitable entertainment for the whole family? Then come along to Odyssey for exciting adventures. Join Connie as she teaches Eugene to drive. Can Paul Revere‘s cleverness and bravery outsmart a powerful enemy? A playful hunt for treasure turns into a frightful hostage situation for Whit and Tom. It‘s like groovy man!


  • #162: Peacemaker
    Connie tries to keep Jesse and Donna interested in a project without having them fight constantly.
  • #164: Sixties-Something
    When a "remember the sixties" festival comes to town, Whit tells Connie why he won't participate in the celebration.
  • #190: Moses: The Passover (Part 1)
    On Jimmy's birthday, he and his father use the Imagination Station to go back to the time of Moses and experience the book of Exodus!
  • #191: Moses: The Passover (Part 2)
    Jimmy and George use the Imagination Station to experience the plagues of Egypt and the Exodus of the Israelites.
  • #193: A Tongue of Fire
    Jimmy gets some advice from Cryin' Bryan Dern to increase his following on his Kid's Radio program. Unfortunately Bryan Dern isn't giving the most moral advice.
  • #194: A License to Drive
    Connie teaches Eugene how to drive.
  • #195: Father's Day
    Connie's dad makes a surprise visit to town to tell her that he is married again.
  • #196: Harlow Doyle, Private Eye
    A new detective in town solves the case of why Jessie lost her faith.
  • #197: The Midnight Ride
    "Listen, my children, and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere"! Marsha learns about some of the important events leading to the American Revolution through an exciting story from Whit.
  • #198: Treasure Hunt
    Things get out of control when Isaac and Eugene join in a charitable treasure hunt that also include some very realistic-looking water pistols.
  • #200: Feud for Thought
    While at a family reunion with Bernard, Eugene meets some of his distant relatives - and learns that his grandfather may have been responsible for a 50 year feud! Will Eugene be able to pull the family back together?
  • #202: Timmy's Cabin
    Philip Glossman shows up to try to build a highway through Tom Riley's land.