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Looking for high-flying entertainment for the entire family? Then journey to Odyssey for these exciting adventures. Whit‘s plans unravel when his Imagination Station program takes an unexpected twist and puts him face-to-face with eternity. Eric puts his foot down to keep a secret promise that conflicts with the year‘s most important soccer game. When vandals destroy the town‘s Christmas display, Whit and the kids act on a plan to keep the town tradition alive.


  • #209: Columbus: The Grand Voyage
    Lawrence Hodges uses the Imagination Station to go back to the time of Christopher Columbus and gets to travel with him to the new world.
  • #211: The Mortal Coil (Part 1)
    Whit uses the Imagination Station in a new and exciting way... a program that simulates what life is like after death!
  • #212: The Mortal Coil (Part 2)
    Whit creates an Imagination Station program that shows the user a glimpse of life after death. The program shows Whit a heaven from which he might not want to come back, while it gives Eugene a taste of hell which terrifies him to no end.
  • #213: Best Intentions
    Connie and Eugene try to make Whit recuperate from his recent experience in the Imagination Station (see The Mortal Coil, Part 1 and The Mortal Coil, Part 2) as Harlow and Sam try to find out what's wrong.
  • #214: The Living Nativity
    A nativity display at Odyssey's City Hall sparks a controversy over the "separation of church and state." And when Whit and the gang discover who's to blame, should they forget the whole thing or get even?
  • #216: Like Father, Like Son
    When the cash box for the Odyssey Coyotes goes missing, everyone turns to Eric Myers because of his father's prison record. Eric insists he's innocent.
  • #219: Treasures of the Heart
    Jimmy wants to purchase a pair of expensive running shoes, while George and Mary try to clean out their attic.
  • #220: This Is Chad Pearson?
    Every pre-teen girl in Odyssey is trying to win a day with a soap opera star in a contest. Connie wins and we find out that the girls' hero is an ordinary guy.
  • #221: It Is Well
    Whit tells Lucy the story behind the hymn "It Is Well".
  • #226: An Adventure in Bethany (Part 1)
    Lucy wants to learn about cities in the bible, so Whit sends her into Bethany and later joins her. The adventure becomes all the more incredible when the two witness a person being raised from the dead!
  • #227: An Adventure in Bethany (Part 2)
    Lucy and Whit go back to see a story in Bethany which took place shortly before Jesus went into Jerusalem.
  • #228: A Game of Compassion
    Eric is caught between a promise to a needy person and his commitment to his soccer team.

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