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Looking for excitement the whole family will enjoy? Join the Odyssey gang as they discover the true meaning of the Lord‘s Prayer. Longing for a father figure, Lawrence joins the Bones of Wrath and almost ruins his relationship with the Barclays. A car accident puts a big dent in Courtney‘s dreams of becoming a prima ballerina. When Nicky turns "computer hacker," Whit helps Isaac and Sam turn to a greater power to set the record straight.


  • #230: Our Father
    Lawrence Hodges is missing a father figure in his life, as his real dad is always off on some trip. So he decides to join the Bones of Wrath.
  • #231: Hallowed Be Thy Name
    Connie uses BEAVRS to learn about many of the names of God.
  • #232: Thy Kingdom Come
    After Connie and Whit talk about Eugene's possible acceptance of Christianity, Whit and Eugene discuss the nature of God and heaven.
  • #233: Thy Will Be Done
    Connie tries to convince Eugene to become a Christian by setting up situations at Whit's End. Lucy debates the values of writing for the a "liberal" school newspaper.
  • #234: Our Daily Bread
    After George loses his job, the Barclay family wonders what they will do for income.
  • #235: Forgive Us as We Forgive
    Ernie Myers is released from prison and Eric has a tough time adjusting to the change.
  • #236: Into Temptation
    Jimmy tries out a new invention of Whit's, the Room of Consequence. By using it, he is able to see the possible results of his actions.
  • #237: Deliver Us from Evil
    Bernard and Eugene tell the story of the Fiery Furnace.
  • #238: For Thine Is The Kingdom
    Courtney uses the Room of Consequence to see the results of her bitterness over losing her dream to be a ballerina.
  • #239: The Power
    Nicholas Adamsworth uses his computer skills to the control school records and grades.
  • #240: And the Glory
    When Pete molds his replacement pitcher Henry into an even better pitcher than him, Henry's ego gets the best of him.
  • #241: Forever... Amen
    A boy named Danny learns an invaluable lesson about guilt and forgiveness when a wish about his baby brother NOT being born appears to come true!

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