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Don‘t waster another minute wondering what to do! Exciting adventures await you in Odyssey! When competition in the janitorial business gets dirty, Bernard turns to Edmund Blackgaard for a dramatic change of image. A trip to his son‘s grave brings Tom face to face with his tragic past. What do an orphan, a fire and a wheelchair really have in common? When rumors about an archaeological find spread across Odyssey, Whit digs for answers and puts the chaos to rest.


  • #222: The Jesus Cloth
    Whit gets a package from Alfred Brownlee that may contain a piece of cloth from Jesus' robe! But when people from all over the world come to touch the cloth, Whit isn't sure what to do.
  • #224: Greater Love...
    A young man named P.D. Barnes tells Whit about Timmy Riley, the dead son of Tom, and how he died in a tragic boating incident.
  • #225: Count It All Joy
    Erica Clark tries to "count it all joy" and ends up losing her best friend and misplacing homework.
  • #229: The Marriage Feast
    On Kid's Radio, Whit narrates his own version of the parable of the Marriage feast to answer a question from a listener.
  • #242: Hymn Writers
    Kid's Radio helps people learn about some of the greatest hymn writers. It talks about Martin Luther, Philip Bliss, and Fanny J. Crosby.
  • #243: Family Values
    Rodney's fictional essay about family values soon leads to chaos! Do the Rathbones REALLY think they can win a contest as Odyssey's PERFECT family - or are they simply crazy?
  • #244: The Mysterious Stranger (Part 1)
    After Kent Wakefield comes into Whit's End claiming to have lived there, Whit and Lucy investigate the possibility that the man actually lived in Odyssey before a tragedy.
  • #245: The Mysterious Stranger (Part 2)
    Whit and Lucy continue investigating Kent Wakefield and discovery the truth behind his confused past.
  • #246: My Fair Bernard
    Just wait until you see the "new" Bernard Walton! you won't believe it! The wackiness begins with Bart Rathbone's dastardly plan to steal away Bernard's customers. Bernard then decides to improve his "image." And who better to help him than Edwin Blackgaard?
  • #247: Why Don't You Grow Up?
    Erica Clark gets to experience a week in the life of a 22-year-old in the Room of Consequence.
  • #248: Terror From the Skies
    Edwin Blackgaard hosts a radio drama about an alien invasion that convinces some Odyssey residents that the real thing is taking place.
  • #249: The Case of the Delinquent Disciples
    Harlow Doyle investigates why people have stopped attending Connie's Bible study.

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