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Surprises, discoveries and laughs about in Odyssey. Come join each exciting, action-packed adventure! Jimmy has an eye-opening experience when he realizes that all that "worthless stuff" he learned in school is actually worth a lot. A carelessly uttered word in the middle of an argument between Connie and Eugene wreaks havoc when it becomes the fashionable insult. The Barclay family has been through many changes lately, and Donna tries to cope by adopting an unwanted dog.


  • #261: Afraid, Not!
    Danny Schmidt is scared to go to school so Whit teaches him a Bible verse to remember.
  • #263: When Bad Isn't So Good
    In an attempt to shake his goody-two-shoes image, Sam Johnson tries to do bad things so people will notice him.
  • #264: Making the Grade
    Jimmy is trying to decide what he wants to do with his life and figures he should become a paramedic. But he soon learns he'll need to concentrate on his school work if he wants his goal to be realistic.
  • #265: War of the Words
    Henry and Charles hear Eugene use the word "maladroit" and believe it to be a bad word. When they use the word at school, they find out the folly of using language you don't understand.
  • #266: It Began with a Rabbit's Foot...
    Katrina loses her job and begins to work at Whit's End. Meanwhile, Whit and Connie tell Lucy the story of the bible room and how it was originally created.
  • #267: ... It Ended with a Handshake
    Eugene writes out his feelings for Katrina on his laptop. But things get really complicated when Bernard inadvertently gives the disk containing Eugene's journal to the very girl Eugene wants to hide it from!
  • #268: Pet Peeves
    The Barclay family has been going through a lot of changes as of late and Donna decides it's time they get back to normal. To help, she decides they should get a dog.
  • #269: Fences
    After she discovers her dad is not coming to visit, Connie takes her rage out on men in general.
  • #270: The War Hero
    Odyssey residents want to honor Connie's Uncle Joe for his heroism during the war but Uncle Joe will have no part of it! Connie decides to investigate the truth behind events dating back to World War II! Will she and Whit learn what really happened in the South Pacific?
  • #271: The Secret Keys of Discipline
    Danny works on performing a piano piece for a Whit's End talent show, but finds that discipline interferes with many of his favorite activities.
  • #272: Two Brothers... and Bernard (Part 1)
    Bernard tells Erica the story of Jacob and Easu.
  • #273: Two Brothers... and Bernard (Part 2)
    Bernard tells Erica the story of Jacob and Easu.

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