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Life can be a bit like a roller coaster - you just never know what‘s around the next bend! The folks in Odyssey, young and old alike, are learning some very important things lately: being responsible for yourself, accepting and understanding others, and being a friend even when it isn‘t easy. Whether it‘s a peak, a valley or a hairpin curve, you‘re guaranteed a fun-filled, action-packed ride with the gang from Odyssey!


  • #298: I Want My B-TV!
    Bernard hears a there's a spot open in Odyssey for a new television show. So he gathers the gang from Odyssey together and creates B-TV!
  • #299: The Truth About Zachary
    Lucy Cunningham-Schultz tries to make friends with a new boy, Zachary Sellers, and they both face their troubles.
  • #300: Preacher's Kid
    Donna has a lot of pressure on her as the Preacher's kid, and feels like she has to be extra careful about everything she does.
  • #301: The Good, the Bad & Butch
    The Bones of Rath use Butch's connection to Sam Johnson to hopefully get them some tickets for a banquet where they are planning to pull a prank.
  • #302: Share and Share Alike
    KYDS Radio holds it's first annual Share-A-Thon and airs some stories on the benefits of sharing our things with others.
  • #303: All the Difference in the World
    Danny Schmidt goes against his parent's wishes when they tell him not to watch a video because it goes against their beliefs as Christians.
  • #304: St. Paul: The Man From Tarsus
    Sam and Rodney journey back to see Paul's life in the Imagination Station which has been modified to allow people who journey in it to become a character.
  • #305: St. Paul: Set Apart By God
    ...Sam and Rodney continue their adventure in the Imagination Station.
  • #306: A Victim of Circumstance
    Rodney Rathbone falls through the roof of Whit's End one night and sues Jack Allen and Jason Whittaker for the damge they've caused him!
  • #309: The Perfect Witness (Part 1)
    Jenny Roberts has been kidnapped! Because of her blindness, the criminals think they have found the perfect hostage. Unfortunately for them, her other senses can help identify them.
  • #310: The Perfect Witness (Part 2)
    After Jenny (a blind girl) is kidnapped, she finds that she can use her other senses to remember what happened and solve the mystery.
  • #311: The Perfect Witness (Part 3)
    Jenny uses all of her senses (except of course sight) to identify her suspects, as Detective Pat Ethan and Captain Quinn piece together clues.

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