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An old nemesis, a diabolical plot and a battle between the forces of good and evil - in Odyssey?! An unprecedented wave of criminal activity has broken over the town, and its citizens are stunned. Thefts, broken windows, graffiti... who on earth is behind this outbreak of lawlessness?

It‘s up to the crew at Whit‘s End to find out. But as Jack, Jason, Eugene and the others set out to uncover the answer, they face a tremendous test of faith, friendship and forgiveness. Will they get through this dark time to see the light of dawn?


  • #323: A Little Credit, Please
    Don't reach your limit! When Connie gets her first credit card, she quickly climbs a mountain of debt and seems unable to stop spending! Will her bank account ever recover or will her credit card need plastic surgery?
  • #324: Small Fires, Little Pools
    Vandals are on the loose! The town of Odyssey is paralyzed when vandalism hits the streets and Whit's End is one of the targets! When the police have no leads, everyone's asking "who's responsible?" And what does all this have to do with Jack's mysterious dreams?
  • #325: Angels Unaware
    Somewhere, hidden in the dark recesses of Odyssey, lurks angels?! The bizarre outbreak of vandalism around town is being mysteriously countered by an unknown clean-up crew! Who's behind these random acts of kindness, and will it be enough to clean up the city again?
  • #326: Gathering Thunder
    It's gang warfare! When a "master criminal" takes over the Bones of Wrath, Odyssey's vandalism battle turns into war! It's only the beginning of a classic contest between good and bad, where even good guys must suffer - for doing what's right!
  • #327: Moving Targets
    You might be surprised what you dig up! Jason Whittaker invites more trouble than he can imagine when he opens up a new exhibit at Whit's End! And things go from bad to worse when Philip Glossman starts snooping around! Is this the END of Whit's End?
  • #328: Hard Losses
    Tom Riley's political career is jeopardized by scandal and his position as mayor of Odyssey may soon be history! As evidence stacks up against Tom, his only hope is long-time rival Richard Maxwell! Can Richard be trusted or is he working for someone else?
  • #329: The Return
    Just when you thought things couldn't get worse, Blackgaard is back! Dr. Regis Blackgaard returns to run for mayor! Fearing the worst, the gang at Whit's End prepares for their biggest battle yet!
  • #330: The Time Has Come
    It's life-changing excitement! Feeling left out and alone, Eugene Meltsner has hit rock-bottom. With the closing of Whit's End, his life has ended or has it? Facing the greatest decision in life, will Eugene forever wander "lost" or discover a new path to freedom?
  • #331: Checkmate
    Odyssey may never be the same! Dr. Regis Blackgaard has Whit's End under siege and the Bones of Wrath are trying to overrun the town! But a trip back in time helps Eugene uncover clues to Blackgaard's sinister schemes, while help comes from a most unlikely source!
  • #332: Another Chance
    You know it's time for desperate measures when Rodney Rathbone's involved! The gang from Whit's End believes that a laptop computer and the Underground Railroad tunnel may hold the keys to defeating Blackgaard! The only problem is he controls them both!
  • #333: The Last Resort
    Clues keep falling into place! Just when Jason Whittaker believes he's cracked the case of Blackgaard's diabolical plot he winds up in jail! But can top secret information stored in a laptop computer bring Dr. Blackgaard to justice?
  • #334: The Final Conflict
    The end is near! Thanks to a deadly virus, Dr. Regis Blackgaard is poised to conquer Odyssey and then the world! Meanwhile, Jack and Jason gather their troops for the final conflict!

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