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After all the recent turmoil in Odyssey, Whit‘s End is once again open for business and the whole crew is... Back On the Air. On the heels of Dr. Blackgaard‘s demise, those who participated in the treachery are feeling the sting of consequence. Meanwhile, new life in Christ means growth for Zack and his mom, and for Eugene, it also brings about restoration of a special friendship. Jason takes a step closer to the altar with a relationship of his own, but not without some bumps along the way. And for the Barclays, an intriguing offer finds them seeking God‘s will for their future. Lessons about life, love and the importance of following God‘s plan are in store for one and all.


  • #321: Hidden In My Heart
    Keep your Bible handy! KYDS Radio has some fun with three rather familiar TV shows involving everyone's favorite dog, space-travelers, and a rescue squad! It's a wacky look at the power of scripture teaching how helpful YOUR Bible can be in difficult situations!
  • #335: Love Is in the Air (Part 1)
    Love is in the air! Why is Eugene shaving his mustache? And why is Jason blushing? Because Katrina and Tasha are back in town! And our dashing, dynamic duo plans to win back their ladies' hearts! But can Cupid's arrow find its mark twice?
  • #336: Love Is in the Air (Part 2)
    Lessons about love and jealousy abound as Connie seems to be paying extra special attention to Jason, Eugene meets up with Katrina again, and Jason get a surprise visit from an old flame.
  • #337: W-O-R-R-Y
    With teeth chattering, knuckles white and worry-lines forming, it's a lesson in trusting God when Erica faces her class pictures with the world's WORST haircut! And Sam fears next week's spelling bee in front of the entire school!
  • #338: Easy Money
    Money, money, money! That's the obsession! When Sam and Butch need some fast cash, their money-raising schemes lead to overwork, conflict of interest and downright illegal activity! Will they ever learn?
  • #339: Do, For a Change
    Eugene and Zachary try living out their new Christianity - in ways you won't believe! Zachary's patience is tested until he's ready to pop! And Eugene tests everyone else's patience until they're ready to "pop" him!
  • #340: Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. (Part 1)
    It's a moment of decision for the Barclay family! Everybody's voting that George will take the pastor job at the local community church. But what about that offer from a small New England town called Pokenberry Falls? Will the Barclays leave Odyssey for good?
  • #341: Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. (Part 2)
    The Barclays are faced with a choice when a small New England church asks George to be their pastor. What does this eccentric place have to offer them?
  • #342: Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard
    Don't hide the welcome mat! Despite fears of recrimination for his cowardly retreat, Edwin Blackgaard has returned home! Will Odyssey residents learn to forgive and forget - or slam the door in his face?
  • #343: The Pretty Good Samaritan
    Being good is tough enough without having to help a pest! Charles learns more than he wants to know about the Good Samaritan when he is faced with the needs of one obnoxious Glenn Adams! Will Charles help - or try to ignore Glenn? It's a lesson about DOING God's Word!
  • #346: St. Paul: Voyage to Rome
    All aboard! KYDS Radio presents the story of a Roman Centurion and his son as they take charge of a special prisoner - the Apostle Paul! But when a terrible storm threatens a shipwreck, will the Centurion take matters into his own hands?
  • #347: St. Paul: An Appointment with Caesar
    It's Kid's Radio time again. This time, Jack is telling the story. The story he's chosen is about a young Roman boy named Antoninus; his father, a centurion named Julius; and the remarkable adventure they have when Julius is assigned to take a prisoner, the apostle Paul, to Rome to see Caesar himself!

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