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Odyssey is being hit with adventure from all sides! A destructive tornador blows through the town; some kids think they found the bones of Bigfoot; a levee threatens to wash away the Mulligan farm; and Dwayne decides to become a stand-up comedian!

But in the midst of the havoc, discoveries are made about faith, forgiveness and compassion. Through it all, your favorite characters learn that no matter what happens, God is in control!


  • #388: Leap of Faith
    When blessing - and trouble meet! The magnificent Mulligan family and their animal menagerie keep getting bigger and bigger! But all is threatened with destruction when heavy rains hit Odyssey - and wash away a levy up-river from the farm.
  • #389: O.T. Action News: Jephthah's Vow
    Ever wish you could eat your words? The O. T. Action News team reports on a man named Jephthah who won a great military victory for ancient Israel and made a tragic promise that he later wished he could take back! A familiar peril and a terrible outcome.
  • #390: No Bones About It
    Are they? Or Arn't they? When Dwayne and Julie find a set of old bones in a cave, it piques the interest of Bart Rathbone, who launches an outrageous scheme to capitalize on what he believes are the bones of Bigfoot!
  • #391: The Jokes On You
    Words can encourage, but just which words?! Julie hears an important lesson in Sunday school about encouraging one another. She decides to apply the positive therapy to Dwayne by suggesting he become a stand-up comic! Will the laughs be on him or her?
  • #392: When In Doubt... Pray!
    Our Father who art in heaven - help! Mandy gets teased by a kid at school for praying, but Eugene knows just what she needs: A history lesson! It's a whirlwind tour of some of history's greatest prayer warriors - with a few practical lessons about remaining faithful along the way.
  • #396: Poor Looser
    No one likes to lose - especially Heather and Eugene! Heather's volleyball team just can't seem to win - and Eugene gets trounced at chess by none other than Bernard! But what lessons can they learn from losing? It's about attitude adjustment - and learning to accept defeat gracefully.
  • #397: Tornado!
    Things are getting carried away - literally! When a tornado strikes, it looks like the Rathbones are hit the hardest. But a storm of another kind is brewing - as the people of Odyssey seem reluctant to help out. Until a young girl named Mandy teaches the town - a lesson in compassion.
  • #398: A Case of Revenge
    Vengeance is mine - according to Jared! Jared's scientific aspirations go up in smoke after Rodney Rathbone wrecks his experiment for the science fair! Jared decides it's payback time - and begins to accuse Rodney of all the wrongdoings going on around town. But is revenge as sweet as he thinks?
  • #399: Bernard and Job
    Why do bad things happen to good people? Lisa and Nick want to know why God allows suffering. So, Bernard Walton presents them with one of the most famous examples of heartache in human history: the story of Job. He lost his family, his possessions and his health - but not his faith in God - because he discovered the secret of surviving tough times.
  • #400: The Spy Who Bugged Me
    Is there a sinister conspiracy growing in Odyssey? Jared and Dwayne think Sarah and her friends in the Secret Sister's Club are up to no good. Certain of impending calamity, they spy on the girl's club meeting to find what's happening. They are shocked by what they hear!
  • #401: More Like Alicia
    Ever wish you could be someone else? Heather sure does! She wants to be more like Alicia, the most popular girl in school - even if it's only for one day! When Alicia can't make the school costume party, Heather gets her chance. But, is being Alicia for the day any better than being herself?
  • #402: Arizona Sunrise
    What did the Bible have to do with settling the Old West? Cody doesn't see what Christianity had to do with the "Cowboys and Indians." So, Jack tells him the story of a circuit-riding preacher named Klinger - and his quest to share the Gospel with a lost Native American.

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