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Oh no! Dr. Regis Blackgaard is back... in the Imagination Statoin no less! Is anyone in Odyssey safe from his latest scheme? Come along on the adventure and experience the best birthday ever... that neve ends! Join in the biggest mud fight Odyssey has ever seen and hear how the adults are planning a year of NO FUN! Along the way, learn lessons about being honest, using time and resources wisely and helping others. This album is your ticked to 14 different adventures in Odyssey - and in your own imagination!


  • #418: Opening Day
    The Shepard family arrives in Odyssey and has a small adventure at the Grand Opening of the Timothy Center after one of the members disappears.
  • #419: Another Man's Shoes
    After stealing Brock's shoes, Jared gets a chance to experience life in his shoes by way of an invention of Mr. Whittaker's.
  • #424: Blackgaard's Revenge (Part 1)
    A normal Imagination Station adventure turns dangerous when the nemesis of Odyssey unexpectantly returns. And he has Aubrey on his side! Will she recognize his deception and go back before it's too late?
  • #425: Blackgaard's Revenge (Part 2)
    Aubrey is caught in the Imagination Station with the evil Dr. Blackgaard! The only way Whit can rescue her from Blackgaard's deception is to go after him. But that puts Whit in a more dangerous situation than he may realize!
  • #426: The Buck Starts Here
    Whit gives $25 to Nathaniel Graham, Ashley, and Jared DeWhite to use constructively. Nathaniel sells muffins, Ashley makes sock shooters, and Jared becomes paranoid.
  • #427: Something Cliqued Between Us
    Liz and Sarah are furious with the Calvin Clone clique for the way they exclude people. But, in reality, who's excluding whom?
  • #428a: The Eternal Birthday
    Liz has a great time on her birthday-until she discovers she's stuck in it and it keeps happening over and over again!
  • #428b: Bethany's Imaginary Friend
    Bethany has an imaginary friend-and Aubrey is out to fix Bethany's imagination.
  • #429: The Y.A.K. Problem
    The kids in Odyssey Middle School are in a panic! A strict school principal becomes a member of the City Council - and Nathaniel knows what THAT means - the day is coming when it will be against the law to have fun! Imagine Odyssey without video games - without candy - without ice cream!
  • #430: Blind Girl's Bluff
    Sometimes two girls just seem to communicate on the same wavelength! Aubrey befriends a blind girl named Lisa - and together they cook up a scam using a two-way radio to make people believe Lisa can see - with her mind! But - the situation comes to a boil when Lisa decides to tell the truth! Is their friendship over - or will Aubrey see the light?
  • #431a: Where There's Smoke
    Nathaniel gets pestered, picked-on and pushed around - until an older boy named Nick comes to the rescue! But Nick has a secret - and may not be the hero Nathaniel thinks he is!
  • #431b: The Virtual Kid
    Alex hits the six o'clock news when people discover his awesome Web site - about Whit's End. But the reporter's questions cause Alex to wake up and smell the ice cream.
  • #432: You Win Some, You Loose Some
    A batch of brownies and two bad apples add up to trouble at summer camp! A pair of mean-spirited girls make Connie want to quit her job as camp counselor. In fact - she's giving Tom her two-week notice! What pushed Connie over the edge? Was it the disappointing ping-pong game - or the big food fight?
  • #433a: The Treasure Room
    At Whit's End, there's a door with a sign that says, "Private - Keep Out." It's the door to Whit's treasure room! But Aubrey and Lisa are overcome with curiosity - and sneak in to find out what's inside.
  • #433b: Chain Reaction
    How can a lawnmower, an alarm clock and a bicycle keep Odyssey from getting that new waterslide?

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