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You‘ll never believe it - Eugene has invented a robot version of Whit! And if you think that‘s strange, wait until you hear about all the other odd things going on in Odyssey: Eugene and Connie are getting married? Tom is shutting down the the Timothy Center so Bart Rathbone can turn it into a space camp? And - most amazing of all - Harlow Doyle actually solves a case? What in the world is going on? Find out in these wild and wacky adventures that include some of the most important lessons you‘ll ever learn!


  • #422: Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion (Part 1)
    A woman named Alice tells an incredible story about how she and Tom Riley's son, Timmy, traveled to another world called Marus.
  • #423: Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion (Part 2)
    A woman named Alice tells an incredible story about how she and Tom Riley's son, Timmy, traveled to another world called Marus.
  • #437a: Sunset Bowlawater
    Something's wrong! It's Mandy's goldfish - he's been murdered! But who did it? Can Harlow Doyle solve the case? Or will the answer come from a surprise witness?
  • #437b: The Long Way Home
    Aubrey's odd jobs pay off! She saves enough money to take a bus trip to the Connellsville Fun Park. But the bus - and her plans - wind up somewhere else!
  • #438a: Lyin' Tale
    Aubrey takes out the trash - and gets a free ride to the hospital! What happens in between is quite a tale - something about a mountain lion. In fact, there's a whole lotta lyin' goin' on!
  • #440: I Slap Floor
    Has everyone in Odyssey gone a little - kooky lately? Why is Tom selling the Timothy Center to Bart Rathbone? Is Eugene having second thoughts about marrying Katrina? And how in the world did Harlow Doyle finally solve a case? The whole town is having a really weird, wacky week!
  • #441a: What Do You Think?
    What if you could point a pen at your friends - and find out what they REALLY think? Whit helps Liz tune in to people's thoughts. But is that knowledge what she REALLY wants to know?
  • #441b: Idol Minds
    Who's going to give everyone advice at Whit's End when Whit's away? Can a machine take his place - or just raise MORE questions?
  • #442a: Two Roads
    Two boys make different choices about stealing candy - a decision that takes their lives in different directions. But one day, they meet again - and you'll never guess where!
  • #443: Changing Rodney
    He's mean. He's rude. He's crude. He's Rodney Rathbone. And Mandy thinks it's time for him to change. Eugene offers Mandy some good advice about changing bad people into good people. Or, at least it SEEMED like good advice. Is Rodney changing? And why is Mandy looking through her math teacher's desk drawer?
  • #444b: The Bad Guy
    Can God turn a bully and a bruiser into a certified saint? Nick tries to prove that his old friend Vince's saintly ways are just another con - and gets a valuable lesson in forgiveness.
  • #444c: Bethany's Flood
    Join Bethany as she takes a wild ride on Noah's ark and discovers that good things happen when we trust and obey!
  • #445: No Boundaries
    No rules! The ability to do whatever you want whenever you want! What could be better? Alex is free to make his own decisions after his mom and dad take a new approach to parenting. It opens the door to all kinds of possibilities! But - when anything goes - will Alex go for anything?
  • #446a: A Matter of Manners
    Alex and David are banned from Whit's End! And Whit tells them not to return until they learn some manners. But when the two become "etiquette experts" - they're even more unpopular!
  • #446b: The Seven Deadly Dwarves
    Bethany dreams of being a princess. She wanders into the rainforest only to encounter seven deadly dwarfs!
  • #447: Potlucks and Poetry
    Moms and dads - sometimes you just can't take them anywhere!Aubrey looks forward to a poetry reading at Whit's End - but her parents' church picnic threatens to interfere with her plans. Should she ask her parents to the reading? Or would they just - embarrass her?
  • #448: Mandy's Debut
    There's a seat for you in the audience - to listen to Mandy's play about life at Whit's End.the play focuses on Eugene, Connie and Bernard - they're all smart enough to follow a few simple instructions. Right!? But mistakes mount up as this trio goes BELOW the call of duty. Then - when word gets out that Whit's at the hospital his friends come down with a bad case of guilt.

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