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Something sinister is brewing in the quiet town of Odyssey. And it‘s not just the usual fast one by resident rogue Bart Rathbone. A strange sense of foreboding is in the air, and not even Whit can put his finger on it. The kids are flocking to the hot, new after-school place; while back at Whit‘s End, the windows are collecting dust - the ones that aren‘t being smashed, that is. Things haven‘t been the same since media conglomerate Novacom moved in. Even Connie turns to mush whenever Novacom‘s new hire, Robert Mitchell, is around. Are the kids - maybe even Odyssey itself - losing that small town innocence that always kept them out of harm‘s way?


  • #462: The W.E.
    It's, uh, pretty quiet lately at Whit's End. The gang is down at the Novacom Kid's Center - and Whit is down in the dumps! Whit thinks he's losing his customers. So he asks them what they'd like to change about Whit's End. And, wow! - do they tell him! Welcome to the new W.E.
  • #463: Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips
    Connie is smitten by a green-eyed guy - and Whit is smitten, too! By a rock! Whit criticizes some of Novacom's TV programs - and Bart Rathbone uses the controversy to stir up a riot! In the meantime, a bouquet of yellow tulips means that Connie has a secret admirer!
  • #464: The Triangle (Part 1)
    How does love start? Whit remembers how he met his wife Jenny. But what seemed like a perfect match is complicated by one tiny problem: She's already dating Jack Allen - and he's definitely in love! Will Whit get the girl of his dreams without losing his best friend?
  • #465: The Triangle (Part 2)
    Can a deep friendship survive a love triangle? Whit and Jack continue their story of how they both met and fell in love with the same girl! It's a story of broken hearts and unrequited love as Jack discovers Whit and Jenny's true feelings for each other. How will Jack react? How did his friendship with Whit survive this difficult test?
  • #466: Snow Day
    Ah, snow days. An ideal time for relaxation and hot chocolate. Unless you're in Odyssey, of course! Alex is on a mission - to get a batch of his mom's world-famous cookies safely to Grandma's house! Unfortunately, Rodney Rathbone and the Bones of Rath are hot on his trail ... and won't give up until the cookies are theirs! Will Alex persevere?
  • #467: Broken Window
    There's a window broken at Whit's End! But who is the one responsible? Could it be Alex who was playing with his bat? Rodney out to get revenge? Sarah's bad juggling?
  • #468: Chains (Part 1)
    As plans progress for the Whit's End in Connellsville, Whit deals with a different kind of people than he deals with in Odyssey.
  • #469: Chains (Part 2)
    Construction on a new Whit's End in Connellsville is under way, while Whit tries to figure out what he's going to do about Tony and Brianna who used to live on the plot of land that they are now building on.
  • #470: Break a Leg
    Cal Jordan and Edwin Blackgaard find out what it's like to lose something they didn't know they valued.
  • #471: Fifteen Minutes
    An old friend returns to Odyssey after time in Hollywood and Alex Jefferson breaks a record in miniature golf that stood for over 30 years.
  • #472: Welcoming Wooton
    Mail delivery has never been more off-beat than when mailman Wooten Bassett is on his route! But when he gets sidetracked, he gets the boot! As a mailman that is! What Wooten lacks as a mailman he makes up for in personality. Whit and company are concerned that Wooten may be facing the unemployment line. Is there more to Wooten than delivering packages, and escaping dog bites?
  • #473: Breaking Point
    Whit's running out of time and is being pulled in two different directions! How much can Whit handle if he has to be in Connellsville and Odyssey at the same time? The pressure's on - and the circumstances are getting intense. Will Whit cave under? Or can he rise above the deadlines? Just what is his breaking point?

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