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Things never slow down around Odyssey. Alex is hoping to survive a long weekend with his grandparents, but things get interesting when he sees his grandfather dig up a strange wooden box in the woods. More adventure unfolds as Marvin Washington takes his first trip back in time on the Imagination Station and lands in the middle of the American Revolutionary War.

What are all the mysterious surrounding Agnes‘ misplaced memory and the odd change in Aubrey‘s old friend? Will Colby and Mitch ever survive the Novacom aftermath? Will Connie loose Mitch again because of the FBI? Find out what‘s going on with everyone in these 12 new exciting episodes!

With all the mystery and adventure taking place in Odyssey, there are plenty of lessons to learn. Come join the fun!


  • #461: BTV: Obedience
    It's time for another colorful lesson from BTV! you'll go on location to FouFou's Obedience School. Maybe you think being obedient is much too "ruff"! But the BTV crew will explain why obedience is a very good thing!
  • #476: Relatively Annoying
    Memoirs. Page one. Do you ever write about your relatives? You know, observe how they act, how they sleep, even how they eat? It can get pretty annoying - if you let it get to you. Find out what annoying traits Alex Jefferson's grandparent's have! Annoying, yes. But at closer look even Alex can learn a lot in a visit with the grandparents!
  • #480: The Popsicle Kid
    You'll learn a lesson in decorating from - Wooten Bassett. A lesson on the Christmas spirit - from Bart Rathbone - but the most important lesson of all is from a boy known as the "Popsicle Kid." Find out how hubcaps and Popsicle sticks can show what Christmas is really all about!
  • #503: Between You and Me
    Relationships take time to develop. Connie wants to know what Mitch REALLY thinks of her now. Which means - a compatibility quiz! This could be a very painful process.
  • #504: Aubrey's Bathrobe
    What if you had a friend - a friend you haven't seen for a long time. And then you get together and find out that - this friend has become a Christian. But there's something that just seems a little ... strange. Aubrey's friend Seth has found religion! But what's missing? Find out in a story about a friendship, a Pharisee and a bathrobe!
  • #505: The Toy Man
    Whit's taking job applications. But he's waiting for just the right applicant to be the new Manager of Whit's End in Connellsville - And as the bells of the door ring for the 23rd time - Whit's new hire may have just walked in? Has Whit met his match? Find out who the Toy Man is and what he can bring to Whit's End!
  • #506: For Trying Out Loud
    Wooten joins the theatre ... while Liz takes up cheerleading ... two people trying to find their God given talents. They're just looking in all the wrong places. But all their hard work pays off in a way neither one expected!
  • #507: The Benefit of the Doubt
    Connie is finding a job for Mitch - This is a tough mission for Connie. After all, what do you do when the last job on your resume says "Novacom"?
  • #508: The American Revelation (Part 1)
    Whit puts the finishing touches on his new and improved Imagination Station and sends Marvin off on an adventure set during the American Revolution.
  • #509: The American Revelation (Part 2)
    Marvin Washington hears an often untold story of the American Revolutionary War.
  • #511: The Pact (Part 1)
    Agnes Riley is acting very strange and sets Tom, Mandy and Whit on a mission to solve a mystery involving a circled date, the letters JO, and a familiar looking young girl.
  • #512: The Pact (Part 2)
    Agnes Riley is acting very strange and sets Tom, Mandy and Whit on a mission to solve a mystery involving a circled date, the letters JO, and a familiar looking young girl.

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