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What if there is no way of escape? Everybody‘s looking for a way out, but it won‘t be easy. Whit finds himself trapped in a room with no doors and no windows. How will he break free? Trent has to give an oral report and and thinks up every imaginable way to avoid it. How will he ever get out of this one? And then there‘s Jimmy Barclay... at midnight at a senator‘s house surrounded by vicious dogs. Will he choose what‘s right before it‘s too late?


  • #535: Living in the Gray (Part 1)
    Connie's surprised by a chance meeting with an old friend - it's Jimmy Barclay! But something strange is going on with Jimmy - and Connie is determined to get to the bottom of it. What is the answer to the way Jimmy is acting?
  • #536: Living in the Gray (Part 2)
    Jimmy has to make a choice. But it's between betraying his father or being out of a job. But the problem may be bigger than a news story. Will Connie set Jimmy straight? Has Jimmy forgotten all that he once believed in?
  • #538: Stubborn Streaks
    What's the worst thing you could possibly tell janitor Bernard Walton? In the words of Tom Riley: "We won't be requiring your services anymore - Mr. Walton." It's not so much the change of clientele that worries Bernard it's the attack on the quality of his work! It's not going to be pretty!
  • #539: Called on in Class
    There's nothing that scary at school, right? You wouldn't know it if you spoke with Trent DeWhite. He thinks that when his name comes up - he's toast! Will Trent survive?
  • #540: The Girl in the Sink
    It's time for another story from Bernard - ABOUT Bernard. It's a story about Bernard's childhood - and it's NOT about washing windows. It's a story about friendship and a missing person.
  • #541: Bernard and Saul
    Ever heard of Saul from 1 Samuel? It all started in the days of judges. Saul mostly kept to himself, never really getting the fame he so richly deserved. But, he was made for great things!
  • #542: Eggshells
    Are you watching your p's and q's? It appears that everyone is being EXTRA careful. "Keeping a low profile," "making yourself scarce" and "not making a scene" are some of the other phrases that come to mind. What's that crunchy sound? They're walking on eggshells!
  • #543: Nothing But the Half Truth
    Wellington asks his twin brother Wooton for a very big favor. Twins can be at two meetings at once as long as both parties are willing. But ... Wooton's not exactly prepared. Will Wooton go along with his secret identity?
  • #544: Split Ends
    You could be a model! Yes, YOU! You're going to be - a star! But you'd have to compete with your best friend.
  • #545: Something's Got To Change
    Tamika and Marvin's parents have a secret. The kids each have their own theories. Is it an all expense paid family trip? Or is it something that no one wants to talk about? That's the theories - perhaps ... they're both wrong. What's happening with the Washingtons?
  • #546: No Way Out
    Whit finds himself in danger. He's trapped in a strange room, no doors or windows ... And he's not alone. Will Whit escape?
  • #547: No Way In
    Whit is trapped in a windowless room with a troubled man named Lester. And Whit is fading fast. Meanwhile, Jason continues the search for his dad. Will they find Whit in time?