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Growing pains, role reversals and more! Tamika is growing up, but her father, Ed, is the last to get it. I mean, how would you like to drive around in a life-size hot dog - in front of your friends?! On another front, the Washington kids learn what it's like to be an adult for a day. And it's a lot harder than it looks - even if you get to skip the broccoli! Meanwhile, bizarre twists emerge as Eugene and Whit hunt for Eugene's elusive dad. But the most crucial piece of this global puzzle lies where they least expect it; right in their own backyard. Check out small-town living at its zaniest right here.


  • #584: Dead Ends
    Searching for his father has Eugene traveling in circles. He visits the foster home where he grew up. Is he in search of nostalgia or another clue? Find out if the search for the Melstner patriarch will get beyond dead ends.
  • #585: The Poor Rich Guy
    Grady, who has refused to go to church for a long time, finally shows up at church one Sunday because his mom wants him out of the house. Tamika and Marvin invite him to join their group in Sunday school where he gets a little confused over hearing that it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.
  • #586: A Cheater Cheated
    Attention Electric Palace Customers - there's a wet cleanup on Aisle 4 and in an Electric Palace that's never good. The revenge of a raging talk show host is like a wet cleanup in an electronic store! Some people like "Doing unto Others" - especially when it means revenge. There's no fury like a radio DJ scorned!
  • #587: Bringing Up Dads
    With every growing stage in life comes a challenge. But maybe none as challenging as the one Tamika's in now. What's the difference between a preteen girl and her Dad? Just about everything!
  • #588: Broken-Armed and Dangerous
    The plaintiff: Connie Kendall. She suffered a broken arm allegedly caused by friend Eugene Meltzner's inability to hold a ladder steady. This is the defense: Eugene Meltzner. He agrees that he is guilty, and has offered to be Connie Kendall's servant for the rest of her natural life. Does the plaintiff even want this award?
  • #589: The Impossible
    Mr. Whittaker is back at work on a secret new invention - and Marvin Washington has to find out what it is. Will it cure acne? Can it stop hiccups? Or is it the next big technological break through in studying for a test?
  • #590: Three O'Clock Call
    At the McKay home, the phone rings at three o'clock, exactly the same time as the day before. However, when Grady answers it, there's no one there. Samantha thinks it's their dad, though Grady isn't so sure. He eventually becomes convinced and decides to ask his "dad" to meet him.
  • #591: Switch
    Marvin and Tamika Washington are convinced that their parents have it easy because they have money to get whatever they want. Their parents decide to switch places with them for a day - the kids become the parents and the parents become the kids.
  • #592: Now More Than Ever
    Liz investigates Mandy's continuing strange behavior, leading her to discover that Mandy's father is now sleeping in the basement, the precursor to Mandy's parents separating. Mandy rejects Liz's efforts to help, so Liz has discovered a new way to help!
  • #593: Around the Block
    Writing a book on her life isn't as easy as Connie thought. Eugene gives "Ms. Kendall" a variety of ways to overcome writer's block, with hilarious (and unproductive) results. Connie must decide if she'll follow God's leading to write.
  • #594: A Time for Action (Part 1)
    New twists emerge in Eugene's search for his father. Though he never doubts that prayer matters, Eugene is determined to act on ANY lead. A forgotten relative, a spy agency in Chicago and a tragic accident are all part of the deepening plot.
  • #595: A Time for Action (Part 2)
    Closer than ever to their goal, Eugene and Whit scour their clues - and multiple cities - in an effort to find any connection to Leonard Meltsner. But the most crucial piece to their puzzle lies where they least expect it. It's a conclusion you'll have to hear!