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It wasn't supposed to be like this: Eugene's long-awaited reunion with his father fizzles like a limp balloon when Leonard Meltsner disappears again. Why is a ruthless archeologist stalking him? Meanwhile, the Washingtons consider taking on a huge change and Mandy schemes to reunite her separated parents. Is being a family always this hard? Find out in this intimate look at the growth and fun that goes with family life.


  • #596: Cover of Darkness
    After much searching, Eugene has finally found his father. But their meeting isn't anything like Eugene hoped. Secrecy still surrounds Leonard Meltsner. Who is the ruthless archeologist who shadows Leonard's steps? And will Eugene's faith lead to a new bond with his dad...or separate them more than ever?
  • #597: Out of Our Hands
    Mandy is determined to help her separated parents come back together, while her brother David seems indifferent. David's attitude sends him down a dark path, while Mandy schemes up a way to force her parents to see how their acting.
  • #598: My Favorite Things
    With a little help from their dad, Marvin and Tamika decide to take their mom out to a very fancy restaurant for her birthday. But when the Rathbones show up and hope to con their way into a five-course meal, nothing goes as planned.
  • #599: Blood, Sweat, and Fears
    Eugene's organization is chosen to coordinate Odyssey's annual blood drive. The problem? Eugene's terrified of needles! Meanwhile, Trent assists the effort by interviewing blood donors on KYDS Radio - but he's terrified of the microphone! Will the two conquer their fears?
  • #600: The Nudge
    Marvin is excited when he wins the bike of his dreams. But soon he thinks that God may be telling him to do something unexpected. Meanwhile, Grady tries to understand how God can listen to him. They both learn about how prayer works and how God can use people!
  • #601: Bernard and Jeremiah
    Sometimes evangelism can be frustrating! Especially when no one listens - or even worse - they laugh! Marvin Washington is feeling the pain of the Great Commission when Bernard Walton steps in with a story about Jeremiah - not the bull frog - the prophet! He had the same problem. On the journey, Marvin learns what it really means to be faithful.
  • #602: Mum's the Word
    It's a classic tale of secrecy and trust is hard to find! Who knows what would be embarrassing if certain pieces of information got out? Who are these people and what are their motives? Can anyone be trusted?
  • #603: The Family Next Door
    With her mom busy and her dad no longer at home, Mandy looks to the Washingtons next door as a "replacement family." But when Tamika becomes jealous of Mandy's attention, will Mandy wear out her welcome?
  • #604: Like Father, Like Wooton
    Looking for material for her book, Connie goes undercover as a clown at Odyssey's carnival ... and gets in deeper than she ever imagined! Also at the carnival, Grady's desperate to impress his friends, so he has to find a replacement father fast ... and chooses Wooton!
  • #605: The Chosen One (Part 1)
    A mysterious girl arrives at Whit's End and promptly makes a big impression. She plays the piano beautifully, gives Connie help on her book and even gives Ed good parenting advice. But is there more to this young girl than meets the eye?
  • #606: The Chosen One (Part 2)
    The gang at Whit's End learns the truth of Kelly's difficult situation and feels bad that they couldn't do more for her. When Kelly makes a special request about the Washington family, Ed wonders if God is telling him it's time for a big decision!
  • #607: The Undeniable Truth
    Eugene's organization Hand-Up gets in hot water when a local newspaper accuses Eugene of stealing the donation money. Eugene's father, Leonard, continues to criticize the organization as a waste of time. Eugene hopes that this crisis will show his father the true value of spending his time putting his faith in action.