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Time's running out for Dalton Kearn as Eugene, Whit and friends close in on the evidence needed to bring this evil man to justice. But they find a lot more than a criminal at trail's end! Long-buried secrets, deception and disguises, the ending no one saw coming... Everything's here including the breakthrough moment when decades-old mysteries finally make sense.


  • #434: BTV: Redeeming the Season
    Trees, stockings, twinkly lights and - oh yeah - St. Nicholas - are all part of the Christmas festivities! But why? The BTV gang is out on the streets once again to bring you the facts about our holiday traditions. Be listening for a fun-filled half hour of Yuletide history and humor - along with a few surprise visitors.
  • #608: Run-of-the-Mill Miracle
    Are miracles real? Grady questions and pursues the whole concept of miracles.
  • #609: Prequels of Love
    A tornado strands the gang on Valentine's Day. As Bart, Whit and Bernard reminisce on stories of love - the stories of how they met and proposed to their wives - are anything but dull.
  • #610: Hear Me, Hear Me
    Who's the best listener? Eugene and Connie get in a contest to find out. Meanwhile, Trent doesn't pay attention to Liz and their science fair project goes awry.
  • #611: The Top Floor (Part 1)
    A frightening revelation shocks the Whit's End gang! Dalton Kearn is very close to finding Leonard and Eugene. Can Whit, Jason, Leonard and Eugene bring Dalton to Justice? Will a risky trip back to Africa settle this once and for all?
  • #612: The Top Floor (Part 2)
    Jason, Eugene, and Leonard decide they must go directly to the source to find evidence against Dalton Kearn. They decide to sneak into his home...on the top floor of a hotel! Meanwhile, Whit deals with a disturbing development in Odyssey.
  • #613: The Top Floor (Part 3)
    Whit joins them in New York, they realize their opportunity to get the evidence against Dalton Kearn is quickly slipping away. Will a desperate plan be their only chance?
  • #614: Best of Enemies
    While Connie houses Whit's End intern, Tamika has to share her bedroom with Kelly for a few weeks. Is it possible to love people who are difficult to get along with?
  • #615: Only By His Grace
    Grady learns about grace from Mr. Whittaker and takes a step closer to Christianity. Meanwhile, Mandy's faith is shaken when her separated parents grow even further apart.
  • #616: The Other Side of the Glass (Part 1)
    What's happening to Odyssey's windows? The Power-Boy symbol for help begins appearing on windows around Odyssey whenever Bernard sprays them with his new window cleaner and Wooton is determined to find out who is signaling for help.
  • #617: The Other Side of the Glass (Part 2)
    Whit joins Wooton and Bernard as they search for the person who tampered with the window glass in which the Power-Boy help symbols appear. The investigation heats up as Wooton is "detained" by a very nervous executive.
  • #618: The Other Side of the Glass (Part 3)
    Finally, Wooton's determination pays off! The answer to the mystery of the Power-Boy help symbols becomes "clear as glass"!