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Mysteries abound in Odyssey as Eugene tries to figure out why the Odyssey clocktower is counting down to a mysterious deadline and Emily Jones unmasks the phantom of the school play. Meanwhile, the crew at Whit's End tries fasting - with hilarious results - and Wooton tries his hand at a radio show ... with no script!


  • #667: The Mystery Of The Clocktower (Part 1)
    When the town clock begins resetting itself to 11:45, Eugene and Matthew try to solve the problem technologically while Whit and Connie research a possible unrequited love story connection.
  • #668: The Mystery Of The Clocktower (Part 2)
    In spite of Eugene's best efforts, the computer that controls the town clock is not responding and now the clock has begun a backwards countdown to a potential disaster. But who is behind the plot and why? Is a broken heart to blame? Can the mystery be solved before it's too late?
  • #669: Wooton's Broken Pencil Show
    Wooton - and Captain Absolutely - fill in for Connie on her radio program when she's called away for a car emergency.
  • #670: Stage Fright
    Emily and Matthew investigate the strange noises coming from backstage at the school auditorium that has the entire cast of the school musical too scared to return to the show.
  • #671: Fast As I Can
    After Whit explains that the purpose of fasting is to give up something you enjoy-though not necessarily food-in order to concentrate on a spiritual issue, Connie, Eugene, Wooton, and Matthew choose to fast in ways that are as unique as they are.
  • #672: Opposite Day
    Odyssey Middle School's "Opposite Day" inspires Olivia to become friends with a girl who is nothing like her. Meanwhile, Barrett becomes obsessed with getting as many online friends as possible.
  • #673: The Owlnapping
    When the Odyssey Middle School basketball team's mascot is stolen, they suddenly start losing all their games. The team considers drastic measures to get back their good luck charm.
  • #674: Square One
    Matthew joins a mysterious new club and refuses to tell Emily about their activities. Emily decides that this is a mystery that she must solve.
  • #675: A Thankstaking Story
    On a snowy Thanksgiving Day, Whit, Connie, Eugene, and a few of their friends end up stuck at Whit's End. To pass the time, they tell a zany story of the Scrunch and his plan for Thankstaking.
  • #676: An Agreeable Nanny
    The Parker famliy kids are convinced that they are too grown-up for a babysitter. A parents' night out, a nanny named Maria, and the neighbor's dog Bruno may be their opportunity to prove themselves.
  • #677: The Malted Milk Ball Falcon
    A piņata filled with delicious chocolate goes missing from Whit's End. Only a few people were in the room at the scene of the crime, leading Emily Jones to investigate "whodunit!"
  • #678: Grandma's Christmas Visit
    The Parkers' grandma comes for a Christmas visit, arriving in the middle of an elaborate Christmas celebration cooked up by Eugene and Connie. The Parker family parents wonder if it's possible to have a Christmas without stress.

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