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Who knew that a comic-book convention, a poster, and a pastoral visit could cause so much drama in Odyssey? Wooton's got his hands full with a notorious blogger after announcing the creation of a new comic book idea - and he has to deal with a wayward cousin. Whit refuses to join in a local festival and finds himself in a citywide tug-of-war between conviction and compromise. And the unexpected return of various relatives and former adversaries triggers complications for Connie, Eugene, and the rest of the Odyssey gang. It's the perfect blend of excitement, comedy, and important life-lessons in this special 14-episode collection!


  • #751: The Ties That Bind (Part 1)
    It's a time of surprises as Wooton becomes the celebrity guest at Comic-Connellsville - and encounters an unexpected visitor. Whit finds himself in conflict with Rhonda Adelaide over the upcoming "Let's Get Together Festival" in Odyssey.
  • #752: The Ties That Bind (Part 2)
    Eugene and Katrina wrestle with a decision that will take them into uncharted territory at home. And being the centre of attention at Comic-Connellsville puts Wooton in touch with fans and an art collector who wants all of Wooton's work. Meanwhile, Connie has to deal with a guest of her own while solving the mystery of an old lockers trunk.
  • #753: The Ties That Bind (Part 3)
    Tensions abound for the Parker Family as they're pulled in different directions. Wooton announces the creation of a new comic book series - sparking interest from a mysterious blogger called The Perilous Pen. And Connie has to navigate the emotional twists created by a distant family member.
  • #754: The Ties That Bind (Part 4)
    Eugene and Katrina deal with the changes that come with a new addition to the house. Whit's conflict with the "Let's Get Together Festival" intensifies as his shop is vandalized. Jason helps Connie solve the mystery of the old trunk. And strange goings-on in an area called Hangman's Hollow draw Jay's attention.
  • #755: The Ties That Bind (Part 5)
    Mysteries are solved and new ones begin as Connie discovers what's inside the old trunk, and Detective Polehaus investigates the vandalism to Whit's End. Mrs Adelaide give Emily and Matthew a difficult assignment. A 'newcomer' to Odyssey has to cope with tension at school. Jay is determined to get back up for a trip to Hangman's Hollow. And Wooton finds his life complicated by the notorious Perilous Pen.
  • #756: The Ties That Bind (Part 6)
    The "Let's Get Together Festival" becomes the catalyst for discussions about God's Design for humanity and whether or not Family is important to society. Eugene and Katrina's new "ward" worries them with his busyness. And Connie has to play parent to her guest, with mixed results.
  • #757: The Ties That Bind (Part 7)
    After new revelations from the Perilous Pen, Dee Grant steps up her efforts to convince Wooton to sign with Maximized Comics. Meanwhile, Whit's End is under siege again - this time from a cyber-attack by the Vigilantors.
  • #758: The Ties That Bind (Part 8)
    Detective Polehaus finds a surprising connection between the Vigilantors and Rhonda Adelaide. The Odyssey Business Association pushes Mr. Whittaker to join the Let's Get Together Festival. And Jay tries to persuade Emily and Matthew to investigate a ghost town at Hangman's Hollow.
  • #759: The Ties That Bind (Part 9)
    Harlow Doyle joins Emily, Matthew, and Jay as they reach Hangman's Hollow and make a surprising discovery about the ghost town. Vance starts to wonder if his associate is having second thoughts about their business arrangement. And Katrina is worried that her new house guest might be working too hard to impress her.
  • #760: The Ties That Bind (Part 10)
    Wooton and Penny consider all the angles on Dee Grant's offer to publish his comics...until a sudden disaster changes everything. Meanwhile, the folks from Whit's End gather at the hospital to face a medical emergency.
  • #761: The Ties That Bind (Part 11)
    Emily and Matthew ponder what to do after getting a undeserved bad grade. Whit visits a terminal patient at the hospital and finds a friend. Vance tries to cast suspicion for recent Odyssey disasters on the wrong person. And Wooton and Detective Polehaus continue the search for the truth about the Perilous Pen.
  • #762: The Ties That Bind (Part 12)
    Wooton enlists Eugene's help to find the Perilous Pen and finally gets some answers. Matthew talks to Whit and his dad about a situation at school and learns about a conspiracy of ideas. And Detective Polehaus interrogates a potential suspect, which leads to a new direction in the investigation. Wooton and Detective Polehaus continue the search for the truth about the Perilous Pen.
  • #763: The Ties That Bind (Part 13)
    Eugene uses his computer expertise to track down the identity of the Perilous Pen, as well as provide Whit vital information about the Vigilantors. Connie's and Wooton's houseguests announce a sudden departure. And Whit again talks to his new friend at the hospital at the critical point of life and death.
  • #764: The Ties That Bind (Part 14)
    The adventures reach their conclusions as the Perilous Pen's informant reveals all, Wooton discovers who's behind the attacks on his property, and Whit takes a final stand for his beliefs. Long-held questions are answered while trust, justice, and forgiveness are put to the test.