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Wooton's unexpected marriage proposal to Penny triggers a lot of soul searching around Odyssey. Penny wants to know what it means to be committed to someone for the rest of her life. Connie can't be sure how their relationship as friends will change. Meanwhile, Wooton is looking into rebuilding his house, but runs into conflict with the neighbors. Eugene uses his computer talents to help the Odyssey Police solve a mystery at the bank. And Buck becomes entangled with Vance's gang in a way that looks like trouble. Where will it all lead? Join the folks in Odyssey as they take the plunge to learn about commitment, discernment, expectations, resolving conflict, family legacies and more.


  • #777: First Things First
    In light of a surprise proposal, Penny considers what it means to be married while Wooton deals with a setback in rebuilding his house.
  • #778: Playing the Predictable
    Eugene is recruited to investigate disappearing money at the Odyssey Bank and the new head of Vance's gang, Dion, announces his intention to make Buck's life miserable.
  • #779: A Big Commitment
    Eugene's search for the cyber-thieves at Odyssey Bank turns toward familiar foes, Connie wonders what will happen to her friendships if circumstances change, and Wooton finally learns what brought Penny to Odyssey.
  • #780: Dinner Roll Models
    When Buck comes over for dinner with the Parkers, Olivia and Camilla are determined to show him what the perfect family looks like. Meanwhile, Penny realizes that she and Wooton may be spiritually incompatible.
  • #781: Out of the Woods
    Detective Polehaus confronts Eugene about Buck's surprising activity with Vance's gang while Penny takes Wooton to visit a special place near Odyssey.
  • #782: Let's Get Together
    Connie broadcasts "Candid Conversations" live from the Let's Get Together Festival at Whit's End. While there, Penny promises to finally give Wooton an answer to his marriage proposal.