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  • #850: The Shame About Fame
    Olivia Parker and Zoe Grant start a new talk show and reluctantly choose Jay as their first guest. However, when Jay starts choking live on their show, the girls become famous for reasons they didnít expect. Meanwhile, Connie and Jules have conflicting opinions on their next potential roommate: Jillian Marshall.
  • #851: The Sandwich Initiative
    When the Parker children forget to bring some food inside from a family picnic, David makes it his mission to teach them about initiative. The methods he uses to get the message to his kids become more and more extreme.
  • #852: The Toy
    Detective Polehaus investigates an unusual case involving a young boy and a small toy. The trail of clues leads him to Lilly Graham, Jason Whittaker, Wooton Bassett, and more. Meanwhile, Connie is surprised by the work habits of a new volunteer at Whit's End.
  • #853: The Good in People
    When Olivia Parker makes a bold promise to the drama club about going to a festival, Morrie Rydell decides to secretly test just how far she is wiling to go to keep her word.
  • #854: Not What I Expected
    When the kids in Odyssey are assigned internships around town, Zoe ends up at a funeral home (with Jay Smouse!) and Emily works at a law firm. Both find their experiences to be far different than they expected. Meanwhile, Jillian looks for ways to sell her jewelry in Odyssey.
  • #855: Divided We Fall
    When a social worker witnesses Buck Oliver fall from a treehouse, the future of Eugene and Katrina as foster parents is put in question.