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Cunning capers and Exciting Escapades are a way of life for the Odyssey kids! They‘re always up to something - and every adventure leads to an important lesson about living for God.


  • #106: By Any Other Name
    Curt runs for student council and makes all sorts of impossible promises to get elected! Will he get away with it?
  • #107: Bad Luck
    Have you ever thought you were the victim of bad luck? Robyn starts to feel that way when several awful things happen to her.
  • #110: 'A'... Is For Attitude
    Connie starts thinking that the solution to all life's problems is to simply "believe in yourself" - and Whit has to step in to show her the folly of relying on nothing more than a positive attitude.
  • #111: First Love
    Connie comes face-to-face with a very difficult decision - and turns yet another corner in the process of growing up - when she falls in love for the first time.
  • #112: Curious, Isn't It?
    When Whit begins acting suspiciously, the gang at Whit's End discovers how crazy things can become when curiosity gets the better of common sense.
  • #113: Suspicious Minds
    Trouble results when some money mysteriously disappears from the cash register at Whit's End and Connie and Eugene set out to discover why!
  • #120: Pranks For The Memories
    A practical joker is running loose in Odyssey looking to pull off the biggest prank yet.
  • #121: Missing Person
    Various Odyssey residents search for Rodney Rathbone after he disappears.
  • #122: Castles and Cauldrons (Part 1)
    Jimmy Barclay begins to play a role-playing game with his cousin and is drawn into the strange experiences and occurances associated with the game.
  • #123: Castles and Cauldrons (Part 2)
    Jimmy falls into a world of fantasy and magic, as he and his cousin Len battle the forces of evil. But does Jimmy realize what he's gotten himself into?
  • #124: The Winning Edge
    Bart Rathbone persuades Traci that winning at any cost is the only thing that matters.
  • #125: All's Well With Boswell
    Robyn Jacobs tries to "babysit" a cat named Boswell, but goes on all sorts of adventures when the cat escapes.