Some very weird things are going on around town this year. Connie and Eugene are getting married?! Harlow Doyle actually solves a case? Mr. Whitaker is giving bad advice? Tom Riley sells his farm and The Timothy Center in order to become a rodeo cowboy? Can Mandy change Rodney Rathbone from being the town bully? What is going on? Is it all true? Along with these questions, Alex Jefferson experiences life without his parent's rules, we meet Arthur Dent and Alex's cousin Cal Jordan, and Mandy makes her writing debut with two original plays performed in front of a live studio audience at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Anaheim, California. These two plays were a huge success, and because of this Mandy continued to write. And, she wrote a beautiful KYDS radio drama about 4 fellow travelers in Little Land on their way to see the Great Wishy Woz. Admist the fun and questions, the gang at Whit's End learn how God perfectly guides our lives, even when it doesn't seem like it. Plus, a new radio / television station called Novacom moves to Odyssey and purchases some land on Tom Riley's property for the purpose of building a radio broadcasting tower. Everyone seems to be fine with Novacom. That is, everyone except for Whit. He feels very uneasy about the situation and believes Tom made a mistake letting Novacom build a tower on his property. Why is Whit uneasy about Novacom? Things get even more suspicious when Alex and Cal unearth a hidden modem hooked up to Whit's computer through an anonymous instant messenger named AREM. Who is AREM?
Episode Original Airdate Included In Collection
#437a: Sunset Bowlawater March 4, 2000
#437b: The Long Way Home March 4, 2000
#438a: Lyin' Tale March 11, 2000
#438b: The Telltale Cat March 11, 2000
#439: BTV: Grace March 18, 2000
#440: I Slap Floor April 1, 2000
#441a: What Do You Think? April 8, 2000
#441b: Idol Minds April 8, 2000
#442a: Two Roads April 15, 2000
#442b: Sticks and Stones April 15, 2000
#443: Changing Rodney April 22, 2000
#444a: Career Moves April 29, 2000
#444b: The Bad Guy April 29, 2000
#444c: Bethany's Flood May 28, 2000
#445: No Boundaries May 6, 2000
#446a: A Matter of Manners May 13, 2000
#446b: The Seven Deadly Dwarves May 13, 2000
#447: Potlucks and Poetry May 20, 2000
#448: Mandy's Debut May 27, 2000
#449: The Big Deal (Part 1) September 30, 2000
#450: The Big Deal (Part 2) October 7, 2000
#451: Life Trials of the Rich and Famous October 14, 2000
#452: Missionary: Impossible October 21, 2000
#453: The Great Wishy Woz (Part 1) October 28, 2000
#454: The Great Wishy Woz (Part 2) November 4, 2000
#455: Best Laid Plans November 11, 2000
#456: The Worst Day Ever November 18, 2000
#457: Opportunity Knocks December 2, 2000
#458: Red Herring December 9, 2000
#459: Slumber Party December 16, 2000