It's been a tough road, but the new Whit's End in Connelsville is now officially open. But, the party soon turns sour when Alex and Cal find AREM in the shop's computer system, and Tony finds the mysterious man who planted a hidden camera in Whit's office at the grand opening. Furthermore, Connie is having serious trust issues with Mitch. Whose side is he on? What's even more disturbing is the fact that Eugene and Katrina are missing. Whit finds out that Eugene and Katrina got married and ran off with Andromeda's research, causing them to resort to more distructive means of acquiring the stolen information. Things continue to heat up after Whit discovers more hidden microphones around his shop, the Imagination Station is stolen, a black television cable box seems to emit radio wave signals out, many beloved friends fall victim to Andromeda's schemes, and the FBI gets involved in matters around town. The plot thickens even more when the gang discovers that Andromeda's goal has its root in mind control rooted in evil practices. It all comes to a head when the tower on Tom's property explodes injuring 2 of Odyssey's kids. What's more, it seems as though Tom might have blown up the tower himself. As Tom stands trial, it's a gruesome battle between the gang at Whit's End and the sinister Mr. Charles and his boss "The Chairman" over at Novacom. As the smoke clears for now, the gang behind-the-scenes of Adventures in Odyssey celebrate with their fans on 500 wonderful episodes. Who knows what lies in Odyssey's future...
Episode Original Airdate Included In Collection
#481: Grand Opening (Part 1) January 5, 2002
#482: Grand Opening (Part 2) January 12, 2002
#483: Secrets January 19, 2002
#484: Plan B: Missing In Action January 26, 2002
#485: Plan B: Collision Course February 2, 2002
#486: Plan B: Crossfire February 9, 2002
#487: Plan B: Resistance February 16, 2002
#488: Under the Influence (Part 1) March 23, 2002
#489: Under the Influence (Part 2) March 30, 2002
#490: The Black Veil (Part 1) April 6, 2002
#491: The Black Veil (Part 2) April 13, 2002
#492: Twisting Pathway May 18, 2002
#493: Sheep's Clothing May 25, 2002
#494: Box of Miracles June 1, 2002
#495: The Unraveling June 8, 2002
#496: Exceptional Circumstances June 15, 2002
#497: Expect the Worst June 22, 2002
#498: Exactly as Planned June 29, 2002
#499: Exit July 6, 2002
#500: 500 July 13, 2002
#501: Inside the Studio November 23, 2002
#502: Live at the 25 November 30, 2002