#739: The Launch (Part 1)
Whit and Wooton travel to Uganda to help a young woman caught in a conflict between two warring tribes.
#740: The Launch (Part 2)
A violent cattle raid makes peace between the battling tribes seem impossible as Whit and Wooton's visit to Uganda reaches a dramatic conclusion.
#741: In a Kingdom Far Away
Whit tells Camilla a fairy tale about a plotting queen, a rogue knight, a beautiful princess, and a simple friar.
#742: Drake the Cosmic Copper
Wooton shares a wacky new comic book set 100,000 years in the future where a detective and his robot assistant investigate a mysterious group of aliens.
#743: Mission: Unaccomplished (Part 1)
The Parker family journeys to Kenya excited to help the local children, but quickly find their big plans changed by injuries and surprises.
#744: Mission: Unaccomplished (Part 2)
On the Parker family's trip to Kenya, Olivia and Matthew are on a mission to save a young boy's life and Eva is surprised to meet a local politician.
#745: Like a Good Neighbor
Red Hollard's tools go missing and Eugene's Basement is flooded when he comes home. Meanwhile, Olivia Parker discovers how to be a good neighbor.
#746: The Lone Lawman
Jason, Red and Whit and the other Odyssey characters perform a new KYDS radio show set in the wild west. A young boy gets mixed up with a gang of bank robbers. Can a hero on horseback save the day?
#747: Thirty Jays Hath September
After Jay breaks into Whit's End late at night, Whit sentences him to an unusual punishment - thirty days of kindness.
#748: The Perfect Gift
Connie, Whit, Jason, and Brian investigate a mystery involving a man's last words on a mangled videotape.
#749: The Drop Box
During a visit to South Korea, Whit and Eugene meet a pastor who has turned his home into a safe haven for abandoned children.
#750: All By Myself
Wooton is quarantined in his house and has to find ways to entertain himself. Meanwhile, Penny tries to re-create a mountaintop experience with God.