#765: Follow Me
Journey to Galilee as Whit imagines what might have happened had Jesus' disciples known each other as boys.
#766: The Cure (Part 1)
Wooton's visit home leads to surprise encounters and a chance to carry the Gospel into remote Alaskan villages during the Iditarod.
#767: The Cure (Part 2)
When a plane goes down in a violent snowstorm, the team's mission to share the hope of Jesus turns into a risky rescue mission.
#768: The Cure (Part 3)
With lives on the line, time is running out. Hold on tight for the dramatic conclusion of Wootonıs exciting Alaskan adventure.
#769: B-TV: To Tell the Truth
What's the truth about "truth"? Our investigation takes us from the Odyssey courthouse, to ancient Jerusalem . . . and beyond.
#770: To The Ends of the Earth
While delivering Bibles to a tribe in Papua, Whit and Jason become victims of sabotage and must choose whether to love their enemy.
#771: Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet (Part 1)
This fun spin on a classic Italian fable features all the wit and charm of Kids' Radio.
#772: Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet (Part 2)
Geppetto's mischievous marionette experiences more ups and downs during his quest to make wiser choices and become a real boy.
#773: Hidden Gems
When Olivia assumes she knows all the stories in the Bible, Whit uses the Imagination Station to prove otherwise.
#774: Walter's Flying Bus
In Uganda, Camilla meets a courageous young orphan with special needs, big dreams and a jungle full of amazing friends.
#775: Take It on Trust
What will Olivia do when an embarrassing secret she shared with her best friend gets broadcast to the entire school?
#776: A Daughter's Love
Travel to Singapore, where Min's loving relationship with her father is tested by hard times and life-changing choices.