#838: Rewinding the Big Picture
Frustrated in her attempts to cheer up a friend, Camilla gets a series of do-overs in the Room of Consequence.
#839: Met His Match
Penny Bassett teams up with Olivia Parker to play matchmaker for both Connie and Whit.
#840: Failing to the Finish Line
The Square One Club tests out a powerful new go-cart engine. Meanwhile, Eugene starts work with a nerdy intern.
#841: Drake and the Time that Time Forgot
Detective Drake and his robotic sidekick Woots return for another adventure, in which a 12-year-old scientist is out to make the universe a better place.
#842: Mean Streak
Connie's arrogant high school rival and teen tormentor Tiffani comes to town, eager to reconnect, making Connie wonder what she's up to. Has the mean girl turned over a new leaf? Or is there more to her visit than meets the eye? Meanwhile, Valerie returns and seems to wind up a different color, causing Jules some of her own mean girl issues.
#843: Always Do Your Best-ish
Olivia and Renee run into unexpected obstacles while working on a school play and a new Imagination Station program.
#844: Charlotte
A friendly game of chess ends abruptly when painful memories put Whit and Wilson's friendship to the test.
#845: Walk Worthy
Buddy joins faith-based scouting organization Trail Life, then finds trouble with help from Jay Smouse. Eventually, tall tales have him afraid of his elderly, one-armed neighbor, Mr. Handelman.
#846: The Last Straw
Connie accidentally insults someone on her radio show, which leads to unexpected consequences. Meanwhile, Olivia contributes to the demise of Camilla's science project.
#847: Beyond Repair
Pastor Knox tries to help a conflicted young woman, Alicia, who decides to visit her father in prison. She had been disappointed by her father for years.
#848: The New Olivia
Fun-loving Vice Principal Morris approaches Olivia Parker about representing the school at a big leadership conference. Thus ensues a series of deceptions that converge at the worst possible time and place.
#849: Out to Sea
The story at the center of "B-TV: Idolatry" is a sequel of sorts to "Gifts for Madge and Guy".