#838: Rewinding the Big Picture
Frustrated in her attempts to cheer up a friend, Camilla gets a series of do-overs in the Room of Consequence.
#839: Met His Match
Penny Bassett teams up with Olivia Parker to play matchmaker for both Connie and Whit.
#840: Failing to the Finish Line
The Square One Club tests out a powerful new go-cart engine. Meanwhile, Eugene starts work with a nerdy intern.
#841: Drake and the Time that Time Forgot
Detective Drake and his robotic sidekick Woots return for another adventure, in which a 12-year-old scientist is out to make the universe a better place.
 #842: Charlotte
Renee Carter is having a dilemma that yields wisdom (and a dramatic story) from Pastor Wilson Knox. His story goes back to an earlier, more tumultuous time in Whit and Wilson's relationship.
 #843: Divided We Fall
Buck and Eugene plan to build a treehouse, but it doesn't go as planned.
 #844: B-TV: Idolatry
The story at the center of "B-TV: Idolatry" is a sequel of sorts to "Gifts for Madge and Guy".
 #845: Mean and Green
Connie's arrogant high school rival and teen tormentor Tiffani comes to town, eager to reconnect, making Connie wonder what she's up to. Has the mean girl turned over a new leaf? Or is there more to her visit than meets the eye? Meanwhile, Valerie returns and seems to wind up a different color, causing Jules some of her own mean girl issues.
 #846: Beyond Repair
Pastor Knox tries to help a conflicted young woman, Alicia, who decides to visit her father in prison. She had been disappointed by her father for years.
 #847: The Last Straw
Connie accidentally insults someone on her radio show, which leads to unexpected consequences. Meanwhile, Olivia contributes to the demise of Camilla's science project.
 #848: The New Olivia
Fun-loving Vice Principal Morris approaches Olivia Parker about representing the school at a big leadership conference. Thus ensues a series of deceptions that converge at the worst possible time and place.
 #849: Walk Worthy
Buddy joins faith-based scouting organization Trail Life, then finds trouble with help from Jay Smouse. Eventually, tall tales have him afraid of his elderly, one-armed neighbor, Mr. Handelman.