A respectable ice cream and discovery emporium where "kids can just be kids." Whether it's a trip in the Imagination Station, an experience in the Room of Consequence, a walk through the Bible Room, an afternoon in the Inventor's Corner, the county's largest train set or just a conversation with one of the employees, excitement awaits around every corner. The heart and soul of the shop is its grandfatherly owner Mr. Whittaker. As an inventor, teacher and successful businessman, John Avery Whittaker (or Whit as he likes to be called) has an extensive knowledge of the Bible and wishes to pass this wisdom on to the younger generation. Although Whit is not perfect, as he would be the first to say, he has committed his life to be a witness for Jesus Christ and this mission is evident in everything he does.

Ashanti Village
A village in Africa that is very special to the Meltsner family.
Blackgaard's Castle
Founded by Dr. Regis Blackgaard as an unhealthy alternative to Whit's End, Blackgaard's Castle featured an arcade, soda shop, fortune teller and much of the same. It also served as a base for Dr. Blackgaard while he tried to steal a top secret computer program called Applesauce from Mr. Whittaker. This establishment was burned down by Richard Maxwell when he attempted to stop Dr. Blackgaard from destroying Whit's End and it's patrons.
Cambell County Community College
Odyssey's local community college.
Camp What-A-Nut
A youth camp located in a woodsy area near Odyssey. The name comes from the Indian name for the place which means "land that stinks like swamp". However, if you look at this Indian name carefully, the letters WATANT stand out. That's right, What-A-Nut.
Chadwick Hill
A wealthy residential district in Odyssey.
The closest known neighboring town to Odyssey. For a time, Connellsville was used simply for errand running by Odyssey citizens. But, this changed when Whit and Mary Hopkins (manager of Mary's Story Shop) opened up the "Whit's End in Connellsville" as a joint ownership in the Oswald Heights district.
Electric Palace, The
Built by Bart Rathbone on the original location of Blackgaard's Castle as Odyssey's main electronic superstore. Upon visiting the Electric Palace you will be guaranteed to get much less than what you pay for. One of their motos is, "if we don't have it, you don't need it."
Fillmore Recreation Center
An old run-down building at the edge of McCalister Park that served as a play area for Odyssey's kids. It soon became an eyesore to the community. But, one man saw its potential and turned it into a legend. A legend called Whit's End.
Finneman's Market
A grocery store in Odyssey owned by Connie's uncle Joe Finneman.
Forest Mountain
A mountain on the outskirts of Odyssey and the location of many radio and television towers for nearby broadcasters.
Genie's Video Arcade
A video arcade in Odyssey.
A town near Odyssey.
Haggler's Junkshop
An Odyssey junkshop owned by Wally Haggler.
Hal's Diner
This greasey spoon diner was named after Hal Smith, the first actor who played John Avery Whittaker.
Hamstrung's Junkshop
An Odyssey junkshop owned by Indigo Methuselah Hamstrung.
Harlequin Dinner Theater
Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears! Come by the Harlequin Theater for a night of good food and a brilliant performance by the one, the only Ronald Edwind Blackgaard. Truly the honor of being in his presense is worth double the price of admission.
Holstein's Books
Holstein's Books is a bookstore. It has new books and old books, big books and little books, hard to find books... well you get the idea. Owned by the lovable Mr. Fredrick Holstein.
J & J Antique Gallery
Browse through priceless heirlooms from years gone by. This antique gallery is owned by Jack & Joanne Allen and is open to the townsfolk to buy, sell or just loose yourself in the richness of history.
Jenkin's Market
A grocery store in Odyssey owned by Mr. Jenkins.
KODY Radio
Odyssey's most popular radio station... Well, ok maybe not the most popular station, but it is the home of Odyssey's most talked about radio show - The Cryn' Bryan Dern Show. Listen to KODY radio, "a different kind of talk radio."
McCallestar Park
A park named after Odyssey's founder, Horace McCallaster. And, located on the edge of this historical park is a certain ice cream discovery emporium called Whit's End.
Norton's Shoestore
A shoestore in Odyssey.
A subsideary of Andromeda, Novacom is a television broadcasting station located in Odyssey. This company eventually produced the Novabox, a revolutionary device that had many uses in the field of medicine and education...... and mind control. Although, after the heroics of many key people in Odyssey, Novacom was shut down by the FBI until a further investication could be done on the company and their intentions.
Odyssey Community Church
One of the churches in Odyssey.
Odyssey Retirement Home
The only known retirement home in Odyssey.
Pokenberry Falls
A small town in New England where the Barclay family calls their new home. George Barclay pastors the First Church of Pokenberry Falls here.
The Timothy Center
A Christian retreat center on Tom Riley's property dedicated to the Lord and inspired by the memory of Tom's late son, Timmy.
The Underground Tunnel
There are two tunnels located underneath Whit's End. Both go from the basement of the shop out to the woods behind Whit's End. During the 19th century, this tunnel was used to hide runaway slaves as part of The Underground Railroad. It connected the church (the building that's now Whit's End) to the reverend's house.
Timmy's Cabin
An old cabin located on Tom Riley's farm where it is rumored Johnny Appleseed stayed on his cross-country journey through historic America. It was found by Timmy Riley, Tom's son, and used by him until the time of his unfortunate accident. It has now become the centerpiece and inspiration for Odysssey's Christian retreat center - The Timothy Center.
Tom Riley's Farm
On the outskirts of Odyssey lies an apple orchard (rumored to be planted by Johnny Appleseed) owned by Whit's best friend Tom Riley. Take a ride on one of Tom's horses through the countryside or down to Timmy's cabin.
Trickle Lake
A mountain lake in Odyssey popular for fishing.
Whit's End (Conellsville)
When Whit felt like God was moving him in a new direction of ministry, he decided to partner with Mary Hopkins, owner of Mary's Story Shop, in creating a new Whit's End in the dangerous Oswald Heights district of Connelsville. It is the combination of a book store and Whit's End, and is managed by Ed Washington.
Go back in time to King Arthur and his knights of the round table, or travel through space to explore the distant places. Wherever your imagination takes you, it begins here at this treehouse. It's any place where good fights against evil and wins.