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In these exciting, character-shaping audio stories for kids, budding performance artist Aubrey learns to accept her parents' embarassing over-reactions. It's just their way of caring. Alex, too, comes away with a new appreciation for his grandparents - after enduring a dreaded week with them. And imaginative, impulsive Lawrence learns to leave orthodontic care to the professionals! In the end, everyone gains new respect for people who are slightly different.


  • #308: Subject Yourself
    Lawrence gets braces and is afraid he won't be able to eat all of his favorite treats. Meanwhile, the school board threatens to phase out Christian history in the schools.
  • #447: Potlucks and Poetry
    Moms and dads - sometimes you just can't take them anywhere!Aubrey looks forward to a poetry reading at Whit's End - but her parents' church picnic threatens to interfere with her plans. Should she ask her parents to the reading? Or would they just - embarrass her?
  • #476: Relatively Annoying
    Memoirs. Page one. Do you ever write about your relatives? You know, observe how they act, how they sleep, even how they eat? It can get pretty annoying - if you let it get to you. Find out what annoying traits Alex Jefferson's grandparent's have! Annoying, yes. But at closer look even Alex can learn a lot in a visit with the grandparents!