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You won‘t stop laughing once you start listening to this collection of the most comical "Adventures in Odyssey" episodes! Hours of fun are in store as the Rathbones try to become Odyssey‘s "perfect family" to win a contest... as Lawrence and Jimmy defend the earth from alien invaders... as Connie tries to teach Eugene how to drive... and as Laffie, the Bible-carrying wonder dog, saves the day! These 12 episodes are guaranteed to tickle every family member‘s funny bone!


  • #120: Pranks For The Memories
    A practical joker is running loose in Odyssey looking to pull off the biggest prank yet.
  • #194: A License to Drive
    Connie teaches Eugene how to drive.
  • #213: Best Intentions
    Connie and Eugene try to make Whit recuperate from his recent experience in the Imagination Station (see The Mortal Coil, Part 1 and The Mortal Coil, Part 2) as Harlow and Sam try to find out what's wrong.
  • #243: Family Values
    Rodney's fictional essay about family values soon leads to chaos! Do the Rathbones REALLY think they can win a contest as Odyssey's PERFECT family - or are they simply crazy?
  • #246: My Fair Bernard
    Just wait until you see the "new" Bernard Walton! you won't believe it! The wackiness begins with Bart Rathbone's dastardly plan to steal away Bernard's customers. Bernard then decides to improve his "image." And who better to help him than Edwin Blackgaard?
  • #248: Terror From the Skies
    Edwin Blackgaard hosts a radio drama about an alien invasion that convinces some Odyssey residents that the real thing is taking place.
  • #260: Naturally, I Assumed...
    Eugene begins to suspect Katrina may not share the same feelings for him as he does for her, when he finds out she's been hanging out with a mysterious "Darren."
  • #277: It Happened at Four Corners
    Bernard is interrupted in the middle of a story when a car crashes in front of them. They investigate and soon go off on a wild treasure hunt.
  • #321: Hidden In My Heart
    Keep your Bible handy! KYDS Radio has some fun with three rather familiar TV shows involving everyone's favorite dog, space-travelers, and a rescue squad! It's a wacky look at the power of scripture teaching how helpful YOUR Bible can be in difficult situations!
  • #345: B-TV: Compassion
    Just try and keep up! Bernard and the BTV gang have produced another multi-media spectacular, featuring a fresh look at classic stories and a unique quiz show on compassion! It's lights, camera and lots of action!
  • #400: The Spy Who Bugged Me
    Is there a sinister conspiracy growing in Odyssey? Jared and Dwayne think Sarah and her friends in the Secret Sister's Club are up to no good. Certain of impending calamity, they spy on the girl's club meeting to find what's happening. They are shocked by what they hear!
  • #413: The Devil Made Me Do It
    Using a variety of sketches, KYDS Radio airs a show about the devil and the way he tempts us.