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The prodigals return! Adventures in Odyssey's lost history has been found! These displaced, misplaced, secound-guessed and just plain forgotten stories from the popular kids' radio show are back! Dusted off, then digitally remastered for outstanding sound quality, these wayward episodes from the early days are loaded with great storytelling and values-based content (like every Adventures in Odyssey story). Fresh from exile, here are the stories time almost forgot.


  • #8: Dental Dilemma
    When Emily Forbes' dentist finds out that Emily's brother has been terrorizing her into thinking that the dentist is going to pull all her teeth out, he and Emily prepare a plan of their own to show her brother a thing or two.
  • #15: My Brother's Keeper
    Phillip Callas gets angry during baseball practice and tells his younger brother Dean to go home. When Dean doesn't return home, the police get involved and try to track down the boy.
  • #16: No Stupid Questions
    Chris Gottlieb, a man in a wheelchair, and Meg Stevens, a girl with a lot of questions, form an odd friendship when they help each other out.
  • #22: A Simple Addition
    In an effort to get attention, young Nicky does whatever he can to get his parents to stop thinking about their soon-to-be-born child.
  • #30: Honor Thy Parents
    Laura Freemont feels her "hickish" parents aren't as sophisticated as they should be. Whit shows her that there's more to her mom and dad than meets the eye.
  • #44: It Sure Seemed Like It To Me
    A girl with a reputation for exaggeration learns an important lesson when she tries to tell the truth about an outrageous situation. It's a hilarious - and thoughtful - look at the hazards of lying.
  • #45: What Are We Going To Do About Halloween?
    A Halloween party at Whit's End strives to teach the children of Odyssey to celebrate Saints and not demons on October 31.
  • #55: Auld Lang Syne
    Tom and Whit reflect on the things that happened over the year.
  • #116: Issac The Benevolent
    Isaac Morton tries to put the command to "do unto others" into action -- and ends up causing far more harm than good!
  • #117: The Trouble With Girls
    On Valentine's Day, Jimmy Barclay finds a note in his mailbox addressed to him from Jessie. She thinks he is "the cutest boy in the whole school"... unfortunately for her, Jimmy wants to get rid of her.
  • #134: Pamela Has a Problem
    Connie's friend, Pamela, arrives from California for a surprise visit - and brings another more serious surprise with her.
  • #142: Train Ride
    When a former nemesis of Eugene's is seemingly killed in a train accident, Eugene is blamed. Whit helps to solve the mystery to clear Eugene.
  • #161: Issac the True Friend
    Isaac takes a ride in the Imagination Station and learns more about David and Jonathan and finds out how to be a true friend.
  • #435: A Look Back (Part 1)
    Phil Lollar hosts a "look back" on the first 12 years of Adventures in Odyssey, including clips and anecdotes from the series.
  • #436: A Look Back (Part 2)
    Phil Lollar hosts a "look back" on the first 12 years of Adventures in Odyssey, including clips and anecdotes from the series.
  • #500: 500
    In baseball they stop play when a player gets his 500th hit. On Broadway, they have a party when a show has its 500th performance. Today's Adventures in Odyssey is episode 500. Relive some of the best moments. You'll hear from the producers of the show and even the actors.
  • #501: Inside the Studio
    15 years in the making - starring hundreds of actors, actresses and one lonely extra. (Well actually, there's probably more than one.) Yes, it's "Adventures in Odyssey" - 15 years of heart-warming drama, spine tingling mystery and rib tickling comedy. We'll take you behind the scenes of this popular radio show - It's a celebration - and you're invited!

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