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One of the longest-running radio shows ever, "Adventures in Odyssey" is exciting, values-based entertainment for kids. These two 30-minute episodes explore the lure of fame with great storytelling, lovable characters and positive messages.


  • #559: The Coolest Dog
    There are some things that you don't really want to document. The memory sometimes sounds better than what's captured on film. The band? "Los Perros Frescos" (that's Spanish for "The Cool Dogs"). Give them a 10 for originality - anyway. But what does this mean for Odyssey?
  • #572: Odyssey Sings!
    The ever popular TV show "America Sings" is coming to Odyssey - and the town is abuzz! This could be everyone's chance to be famous and get on television. All they have to do is sing a song. Disappointment hits, however, when they find out that Cryin' Bryan Dern is to be a judge!