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How exactly do you excel at being excellent? Take a tip or two from Robyn: Study rather than cheat. And don't cut corners, like Bart, just to make a quick buck. And always do what's right, even when no one's looking. The audio lessons are all right here - to help you become a person of excellence.


  • #170: A Test For Robyn
    Robyn Jacobs doesn't like to study. But, when a big test at school comes up she must make a difficult choice.
  • #246: My Fair Bernard
    Just wait until you see the "new" Bernard Walton! you won't believe it! The wackiness begins with Bart Rathbone's dastardly plan to steal away Bernard's customers. Bernard then decides to improve his "image." And who better to help him than Edwin Blackgaard?
  • #259: The Potential in Elliot
    Using the Imagination Station, Sam meets a young inventor named Thomas. Sam thinks Thomas is wasting his time with silly inventions and should just enjoy being a kid. Little does Sam realize who he's really influencing.