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Pack your bags and head off to the town of Odyssey! With a little help from John Avery Whittaker and the gang, you'll discover amazing ways to build your self-confidence!


  • #1: Whit's Flop
    A young boy with a reputation for making mistakes learns that there's a POSITIVE side to failure.
  • #86: Issac the Insecure
    Do you ever feel like no one likes you and that you don't really matter? That's the way Isaac Morton feels too - until he discovers a secret that changes his outlook on life.
  • #163: A Model Child
    All the girls are jealous of Monica Winters. They all want to be like her, but Melanie and Traci find out that Monica's life may not be as great as they thought.
  • #208: Pipe Dreams
    Charles has to spend "Campbell County Government Day" in the sewage department.
  • #375: The Pushover
    Push comes to shove - and meek becomes weak! Jared has a bossy attitude. And Cody is a real pushover. Together they're a dangerous combination! Whit concocts a little plan to help them both overcome their weaknesses - but will it work?
  • #401: More Like Alicia
    Ever wish you could be someone else? Heather sure does! She wants to be more like Alicia, the most popular girl in school - even if it's only for one day! When Alicia can't make the school costume party, Heather gets her chance. But, is being Alicia for the day any better than being herself?