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Do you know the true value of friendship? A visit to Odyssey and a stop by Whit's End will help you discover why a good friend is as good as gold. Side-splitting fun is what's in store!


  • #43: Back to School
    School is back in session again, and a young girl named Leslie has to adjust to a change in friends - and friends who change. It's a touching and funny look at a part of growing up!
  • #161: Issac the True Friend
    Isaac takes a ride in the Imagination Station and learns more about David and Jonathan and finds out how to be a true friend.
  • #178: Room Mates
    Eugene moves out of his college dorm room and in with the most unlikely room mate - Bernard Walton! Will either of them survive?
  • #206: Pen Pal
    Melanie's pen pal Jenny is coming to Odyssey. But Melanie is in for a surprise when she discovers Jenny is blind!
  • #301: The Good, the Bad & Butch
    The Bones of Rath use Butch's connection to Sam Johnson to hopefully get them some tickets for a banquet where they are planning to pull a prank.
  • #365: Clara
    She's sweet, innocent and all of six years old! But she threatens to blow Jack and Whit's long-time friendship apart! Listen, as Jack recounts an emotional tale of love and loss - and love again. And why Clara is the missing piece to a long-forgotten puzzle.