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Have you heard about what happened to George Barclay? He‘s heard the call to ministry... and now no one in the Barclay family will ever be the same!

Eery member of a pastor‘s family - especially the kids - will learn lots of important lessons when they hear how the Barclays deal with the problems faced by so many families in Christian ministry. This special collection of previously released "Adventures in Odyssey" episodes was put together just for them!


  • #268: Pet Peeves
    The Barclay family has been going through a lot of changes as of late and Donna decides it's time they get back to normal. To help, she decides they should get a dog.
  • #285: George Under Pressure
    George is under so much pressure in the seminary that his family kidnaps him to give him some family time. Unfortunately, the plan blows up in their faces.
  • #289: A Call For Reverand Jimmy
    Jimmy Barclay is told he would make a good pastor, so he tries to teach a Sunday School class. Meanwhile Donna Barclay feels awkward when her father starts using her as an example during sermons.
  • #300: Preacher's Kid
    Donna has a lot of pressure on her as the Preacher's kid, and feels like she has to be extra careful about everything she does.
  • #340: Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. (Part 1)
    It's a moment of decision for the Barclay family! Everybody's voting that George will take the pastor job at the local community church. But what about that offer from a small New England town called Pokenberry Falls? Will the Barclays leave Odyssey for good?
  • #341: Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. (Part 2)
    The Barclays are faced with a choice when a small New England church asks George to be their pastor. What does this eccentric place have to offer them?